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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Kazakhstan for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
SpetsgorodokAlmaty Airport
SarkandTaldykorgan Airport
TalgharAlmaty Airport
KapchagaiAlmaty Airport
ZharkentTaldykorgan Airport
YesikAlmaty Airport
TekeliTaldykorgan Airport
BurundayAlmaty Airport
UshtobeTaldykorgan Airport
SaryozekTaldykorgan Airport
Balpyk BiTaldykorgan Airport
KegenAlmaty Airport
PervomayskiyAlmaty Airport
BaqanasAlmaty Airport
LepsiTaldykorgan Airport
MatayTaldykorgan Airport
UlkenBalkhash Airport
MolalyTaldykorgan Airport
DostyqTaldykorgan Airport
Otegen BatyrAlmaty Airport
KuramysAlmaty Airport
TastybulakAlmaty Airport
ShugylaAlmaty Airport
Oktryabr'Almaty Airport
AlgabasAlmaty Airport
IsayevoAlmaty Airport
AksengirAlmaty Airport
MadeniyetAlmaty Airport
Raz''yezd Sem'desyatAlmaty Airport
IntymakAlmaty Airport
AshchybulakAlmaty Airport
KomsomolAlmaty Airport
KokkaynarAlmaty Airport
ZhanatalapAlmaty Airport
ZhanaarkaAlmaty Airport
ZarechnoyeAlmaty Airport
KuyganAlmaty Airport
KazarmaAlmaty Airport
TopayAlmaty Airport
ZhetygenAlmaty Airport
ElamanAlmaty Airport
Kamennoye PlatoAlmaty Airport
ZhalkamysAlmaty Airport
DauletAlmaty Airport
KayratAlmaty Airport
ZhanalykAlmaty Airport
Maloye KaraoyAlmaty Airport
GagarinoAlmaty Airport
KarasuAlmaty Airport
KirovoAlmaty Airport
CityNearest Airport
KoyshibekAlmaty Airport
AlgaAlmaty Airport
BayserkeAlmaty Airport
Imeni SverdlovaAlmaty Airport
KaynarAlmaty Airport
KoktalAlmaty Airport
ArkabayAlmaty Airport
AktasAlmaty Airport
BayserkaAlmaty Airport
TuzusayAlmaty Airport
YenbekshiAlmaty Airport
KlyuchiAlmaty Airport
Razdol'noyeAlmaty Airport
AkdalaAlmaty Airport
TaldybulakAlmaty Airport
BaybulakAlmaty Airport
Gornyy SadovodAlmaty Airport
DzerzhinskoeAlmaty Airport
KoktobeAlmaty Airport
YubileynoyeAlmaty Airport
BaganashylAlmaty Airport
YermensayAlmaty Airport
RakhatAlmaty Airport
AkbulakAlmaty Airport
KalkamanAlmaty Airport
Krasnyy VostokAlmaty Airport
ZhanaturmysAlmaty Airport
KyrbaltabayAlmaty Airport
AkshiyAlmaty Airport
EkpindiAlmaty Airport
KurtiAlmaty Airport
MynbayevoAlmaty Airport
ChemolganAlmaty Airport
OzernyyAlmaty Airport
ArqarlyTaldykorgan Airport
EkpindiTaldykorgan Airport
KokzhideTaldykorgan Airport
KengzhyraTaldykorgan Airport
KalinovkaTaldykorgan Airport
KokpekAlmaty Airport
SkotovodAlmaty Airport
IliAlmaty Airport
QarabastauAlmaty Airport
BozinggenBalkhash Airport
MaylybayTaldykorgan Airport
SarybulakAlmaty Airport
KerbulakAlmaty Airport
AkozekAlmaty Airport
AshchybulakAlmaty Airport
QazaqstanAlmaty Airport