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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Kazakhstan for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
PavlodarPavlodar Airport
AqsuPavlodar Airport
ErtisPavlodar Airport
KachiryPavlodar Airport
LeninskiyPavlodar Airport
MayqayyngEkibastuz Airport
BayanauylEkibastuz Airport
QalqamanEkibastuz Airport
ZhelezinkaPavlodar Airport
KoktobePavlodar Airport
ZhangaturmysKurchatov Airfield
KokterekPavlodar Airport
AqsuPavlodar Airport
Il'ichevkaPavlodar Airport
TselinnoyePavlodar Airport
Kulakol'Ekibastuz Airport
BirlikEkibastuz Airport
KoktobeEkibastuz Airport
OlengtiEkibastuz Airport
AmangeldiEkibastuz Airport
DzhambulPavlodar Airport
Novaya DerevnyaPavlodar Airport
ZhanabetPavlodar Airport
AqkolEkibastuz Airport
ZhanaakshimanKurchatov Airfield
AlakolPavlodar Airport
AleksandrovkaEkibastuz Airport
AleksandrovkaPavlodar Airport
AlekseevkaEkibastuz Airport
AlekseevkaPavlodar Airport
AndrianovkaEkibastuz Airport
EngbekshiPavlodar Airport
BayimbetKurchatov Airfield
BasqamysEkibastuz Airport
BayqonysPavlodar Airport
BelousovkaPavlodar Airport
BeregovoePavlodar Airport
BeskaugaEkibastuz Airport
BozshakolEkibastuz Airport
ChekaKurchatov Airfield
ChernoretskoePavlodar Airport
ChernoePavlodar Airport
ChigirinovkaPavlodar Airport
EkibastuzEkibastuz Airport
TortuyEkibastuz Airport
FedorovkaPavlodar Airport
Frument'evkaPavlodar Airport
GalkinoPavlodar Airport
GolubovkaEkibastuz Airport
GrabovoEkibastuz Airport
CityNearest Airport
GryaznovkaPavlodar Airport
Khmel'nitskoePavlodar Airport
KirovoPavlodar Airport
SuvorovoEkibastuz Airport
KalinovkaPavlodar Airport
KaraashchiEkibastuz Airport
KazantayKurchatov Airfield
KazyPavlodar Airport
KokdombakEkibastuz Airport
QyzylengbekKurchatov Airfield
KonstantinovkaPavlodar Airport
KornilovkaEkibastuz Airport
KoryakovkaPavlodar Airport
Kotel'nikovoEkibastuz Airport
KovalevkaPavlodar Airport
AqtoghayPavlodar Airport
Kudaykol'Ekibastuz Airport
Kurkol'Pavlodar Airport
Qyzyl Oktyabr'Kurchatov Airfield
KyzyltasEkibastuz Airport
Lebyazh'ePavlodar Airport
LesnoePavlodar Airport
LozovoePavlodar Airport
MaraldyPavlodar Airport
MayqaraghayKurchatov Airfield
MayskoeKurchatov Airfield
MikhaylovkaPavlodar Airport
KurchatovKurchatov Airfield
ZholboldyEkibastuz Airport
Novokuz'minkaPavlodar Airport
IvanovkaEkibastuz Airport
Ol'ginkaPavlodar Airport
OzernoyePavlodar Airport
PanfilovoEkibastuz Airport
PavlodarskoePavlodar Airport
PavlovkaPavlodar Airport
PetropavlovkaPavlodar Airport
PodpuskKurchatov Airfield
PogranichnoePavlodar Airport
PriirtyshskoePavlodar Airport
PriozernoePavlodar Airport
RazumovkaPavlodar Airport
ZhumyskerKurchatov Airfield
SevernoePavlodar Airport
ShaldayPavlodar Airport
SharbaqtyKurchatov Airfield
SharbaqtyPavlodar Airport
ShidertiEkibastuz Airport
ShoptikolEkibastuz Airport
SladkovodskoeEkibastuz Airport