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Note: Data of all the airports in the Ongtustik Qazaqstan, Kazakhstan may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Kazakhstan for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
ShymkentShymkent Airport
TurkestanShymkent Airport
KentauShymkent Airport
Arys'Shymkent Airport
AksuShymkent Airport
ShardaraShymkent Airport
SaryagashShymkent Airport
LengerShymkent Airport
Turar RyskulovShymkent Airport
KazygurtShymkent Airport
Il'ichShymkent Airport
TemirlanovkaShymkent Airport
AsykataShymkent Airport
SholaqqkorghanShymkent Airport
KhantaghyShymkent Airport
MyrzakentShymkent Airport
ShayanShymkent Airport
SastobeShymkent Airport
AshchysayShymkent Airport
BayzhansayShymkent Airport
TselinaShymkent Airport
KyzylzharShymkent Airport
GornoyeShymkent Airport
TersbulakShymkent Airport
Chengel'dyShymkent Airport
TepaguzarShymkent Airport
LeninzholShymkent Airport
MikhaylovskoyeShymkent Airport
MambetShymkent Airport
TaskiskenShymkent Airport
Karzhan'Shymkent Airport
KopyrzadaShymkent Airport
KapyrsaShymkent Airport
YanarykShymkent Airport
AganayShymkent Airport
SavankhanaShymkent Airport
Nizhnyy UzynbulakShymkent Airport
TerektyShymkent Airport
UzynbulakShymkent Airport
BeshkudukShymkent Airport
TemirshiShymkent Airport
GornoyeShymkent Airport
IntymakShymkent Airport
YzakudukShymkent Airport
ZhaskeshuShymkent Airport
KalgansyrShymkent Airport
MadeniyetShymkent Airport
Dvadtsat' Vtoroy Parts'yezdShymkent Airport
ZhamantogayShymkent Airport
SolnechnyyEkibastuz Airport
CityNearest Airport
TayqongyrZhezkazgan Airport
MyngbulaqShymkent Airport
KarabulakShymkent Airport
TabaqbulaqShymkent Airport
AkaltynShymkent Airport
BaytogayShymkent Airport
Zhana-KonysShymkent Airport
UshkynShymkent Airport
DzhambulShymkent Airport
Pervoye MayaShymkent Airport
AkkurganShymkent Airport
DimitrovoShymkent Airport
KurylysShymkent Airport
YenbekShymkent Airport
KonyrtobeShymkent Airport
ZhenisShymkent Airport
ZagotskotShymkent Airport
SarysuShymkent Airport
ShymyrbayShymkent Airport
Sorkol'Shymkent Airport
MakpanShymkent Airport
AkkumShymkent Airport
TanShymkent Airport
YuldybayShymkent Airport
PechinkhanaShymkent Airport
BuguchalpekShymkent Airport
ChinarShymkent Airport
AybozymShymkent Airport
ZhumysshyShymkent Airport
El'bayShymkent Airport
DobutayShymkent Airport
Zhel'bulakShymkent Airport
ZhanazholShymkent Airport
KelesShymkent Airport
TlektesShymkent Airport
AlamanShymkent Airport
RezenShymkent Airport
TaskudukShymkent Airport
KoktalShymkent Airport
SyrdariyaShymkent Airport
Vtoraya PyatiletkaShymkent Airport
AltyntobeShymkent Airport
MaybulakShymkent Airport
Imeni Karla MarksaShymkent Airport
ZhenishkeShymkent Airport
Staryy ChanakShymkent Airport
BakabulakShymkent Airport
ChanakShymkent Airport
DarbazaShymkent Airport
StepnoyZhezkazgan Airport