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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Kazakhstan for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
AksayUralsk Airport
ZhanibekUralsk Airport
KamenkaUralsk Airport
ZhympityUralsk Airport
ChingirlauUralsk Airport
FedorovkaUralsk Airport
KaztalovkaUralsk Airport
PeremetnoeUralsk Airport
BoriliUralsk Airport
KrugloozernoeUralsk Airport
AshchysayUralsk Airport
KorganUralsk Airport
MynbayUralsk Airport
Malyy TaldykudukUralsk Airport
KossortanUralsk Airport
BulikshubarUralsk Airport
ZhabaykinUralsk Airport
SatybaldyUralsk Airport
BostandykUralsk Airport
OrazgaliUralsk Airport
ShakhatUralsk Airport
AyganshaUralsk Airport
KosterekUralsk Airport
YelamanUralsk Airport
YegindioyUralsk Airport
Kol'shemanUralsk Airport
AksuatUralsk Airport
KuraylyUralsk Airport
NursayUralsk Airport
SazandyUralsk Airport
KyzyloyUralsk Airport
KirovoUralsk Airport
VitebskUralsk Airport
AyakUralsk Airport
Alakol'Uralsk Airport
KandyozekUralsk Airport
AkobaUralsk Airport
KyrymkozhaUralsk Airport
QoskolUralsk Airport
KaldygaytyUralsk Airport
KosbazUralsk Airport
ZhamankudukUralsk Airport
SultanUralsk Airport
AbishUralsk Airport
AbramkudukUralsk Airport
AkbulakUralsk Airport
QorzhynUralsk Airport
AkmeshitUralsk Airport
AqobaUralsk Airport
AksayUralsk Airport
CityNearest Airport
AqsuUralsk Airport
AktaysayUralsk Airport
AqzhayyqUralsk Airport
AlebastrovyyUralsk Airport
AleksandrovkaUralsk Airport
AlghabasUralsk Airport
AlgabasUralsk Airport
AlimbekUralsk Airport
AlmaznoyeAktobe Airport
AmangeldiUralsk Airport
AngqatyUralsk Airport
AntonovoUralsk Airport
AraltalUralsk Airport
AsanUralsk Airport
AshchisayUralsk Airport
Malyy AydarkhanUralsk Airport
AzhbayUralsk Airport
KimUralsk Airport
BalabanovoUralsk Airport
BayturganUralsk Airport
BazarsholanAtyrau Airport
BazartobeUralsk Airport
BedenkiUralsk Airport
BelogorkaUralsk Airport
BerezinoUralsk Airport
BerezovkaUralsk Airport
BesagashUralsk Airport
Beskol'Uralsk Airport
BeskudukUralsk Airport
BesobaUralsk Airport
BesotarUralsk Airport
BespshenUralsk Airport
BirkazanUralsk Airport
BisenUralsk Airport
BitikUralsk Airport
BogatyrevoUralsk Airport
BogdanovkaUralsk Airport
BaldyrganUralsk Airport
SeksenbayevoUralsk Airport
Ulken ShaghanUralsk Airport
SarykudukUralsk Airport
BostandyqUralsk Airport
BozobaUralsk Airport
BudarinoUralsk Airport
KirovoUralsk Airport
BuldyrtyUralsk Airport
Bumakol'Uralsk Airport
ChapaevUralsk Airport
ChebakovUralsk Airport
ChebotarevoUralsk Airport