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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Kazakhstan for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Akkol'Kokshetau Airport
AktauSary-Arka Airport
Maloye GanyushkinoAtyrau Airport
ZhumyskerUralsk Airport
AksuatUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
DzhangalaUralsk Airport
KokpektyZhangiztobe Air Base
SaykhinAtyrau Airport
Akkol'Atyrau Airport
SarykamysAyaguz Airport
AktogayBalkhash Airport
KarabasBalkhash Airport
PervorosiyskiyUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
KokterekShymkent Airport
BayaldyrShymkent Airport
KyzylzharSary-Arka Airport
KoktalSary-Arka Airport
BirlestikKokshetau Airport
SuykbulakZhangiztobe Air Base
Verkhniye KayraktySary-Arka Airport
VolodarskoyeKostanay West Airport
AktasSary-Arka Airport
KoshkarAlmaty Airport
IskeneAtyrau Airport
BorzhigantayUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
ZholasarShymkent Airport
KazakhstanShymkent Airport
TselinnoyeShymkent Airport
ZhibekshiShymkent Airport
BatyrkhanShymkent Airport
Nayman-BukharbayShymkent Airport
KaraozekShymkent Airport
QyzylqumShymkent Airport
VoskhodShymkent Airport
PshentobeShymkent Airport
KuankudukShymkent Airport
OshaghandyKostanay West Airport
UzynkarasuKostanay West Airport
TyshkantamyYubileyniy Airfield
MayakKostanay West Airport
KaragaylyKostanay West Airport
SaryshiganakKostanay West Airport
Oktyabr'Kostanay West Airport
ShukurKostanay West Airport
KaldybayChelkar Airport
TarmakChelkar Airport
BaymuratKostanay West Airport
ToqanayDzhezkazgan Airport
KrasnovoKokshetau Airport
Bol'shoy TalsayKokshetau Airport
CityNearest Airport
DruzhbinskoyeKostanay West Airport
SvobodnyyKostanay West Airport
NalivaykaShymkent Airport
BimyrzaShymkent Airport
NalibayShymkent Airport
KirovoShymkent Airport
Oktyabr'Shymkent Airport
LeninoShymkent Airport
BirlikShymkent Airport
Imeni VoroshilovaShymkent Airport
KonradShymkent Airport
ProgressShymkent Airport
AbayShymkent Airport
DzerzhinskiyShymkent Airport
Pervoye MayaShymkent Airport
PobedaShymkent Airport
KuybyshevoShymkent Airport
Mineral'nyye VodyShymkent Airport
Zavety LeninaShymkent Airport
KarakayskoyeShymkent Airport
AlgabasShymkent Airport
KalininoShymkent Airport
DzhambulShymkent Airport
Ul'giliShymkent Airport
KaraozekShymkent Airport
PlodovinogradnoyeShymkent Airport
Oktyabr'Shymkent Airport
DzerzhinskiyShymkent Airport
KirpichnoyeShymkent Airport
NaberezhnoyePavlodar Airport
SpartakPavlodar Airport
ZhanaaulPavlodar Airport
YesenterekPavlodar Airport
DostykPavlodar Airport
ZhanabetPavlodar Airport
Karakol'Pavlodar Airport
YestayPavlodar Airport
MulyavskoyePavlodar Airport
ShokparPavlodar Airport
KyzyltanPavlodar Airport
NatashinoPavlodar Airport
BeleshskoyePavlodar Airport
UsachevoPavlodar Airport
TleubayPavlodar Airport
KarasukPavlodar Airport
YntalyPavlodar Airport
YubileynoyePavlodar Airport
Batpakkol'Pavlodar Airport
BaysmakPavlodar Airport
MaymasorPavlodar Airport