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Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Kazakhstan for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
AqtobeAktobe Airport
Oktyabr'skAktobe Airport
KhromtauAktobe Airport
EmbaChelkar Airport
ShubarkudukAktobe Airport
ShubarshiAktobe Airport
MortyqAktobe Airport
BayganinAktobe Airport
BatamshinskiyAktobe Airport
YrghyzChelkar Airport
TemirAktobe Airport
PrigornoyeAktobe Airport
EbitaAktobe Airport
ShenbertalChelkar Airport
KirovChelkar Airport
MilysayChelkar Airport
KyrykkudukChelkar Airport
BatpaktyKostanay West Airport
Sulukol'Kostanay West Airport
ShiliktyChelkar Airport
ShiliktiChelkar Airport
MurynqumChelkar Airport
QumtoghayChelkar Airport
QuyylysChelkar Airport
SoyuznoeAktobe Airport
AmangeldiKostanay West Airport
AqkolChelkar Airport
AraltobeAktobe Airport
AraltoghayAktobe Airport
BasqudyqChelkar Airport
DzhambulAktobe Airport
AbayKostanay West Airport
KominternChelkar Airport
Karakol'Aktobe Airport
Komsomol'skoyeAktobe Airport
QumqudyqAktobe Airport
QurylysChelkar Airport
NuraChelkar Airport
QarabutaqAktobe Airport
SaratChelkar Airport
TaldysayAktobe Airport
AqqumChelkar Airport
ZhabasaqChelkar Airport
ZhantayKostanay West Airport
ZhaysangbayChelkar Airport
KosbarmakYubileyniy Airfield
RybakovkaAktobe Airport
OysylkaraAktobe Airport
ZharykAktobe Airport
KalininoAktobe Airport
CityNearest Airport
TaldysayAktobe Airport
AltyndyChelkar Airport
MugodzharskoyeChelkar Airport
Novaya BazaChelkar Airport
SaryqolChelkar Airport
KairChelkar Airport
TaldyqumChelkar Airport
TaldyqChelkar Airport
KyzylsayAktobe Airport
PyatigorkaAktobe Airport
AbdybulakAktobe Airport
ShubarshiAktobe Airport
KarasuAktobe Airport
YebeytyAtyrau Airport
ZharsayAktobe Airport
KopaAtyrau Airport
SorbulaqAktobe Airport
MamytAktobe Airport
SarysayAktobe Airport
KopaAktobe Airport
KumsayAktobe Airport
ShevchenkoAktobe Airport
KaratogayChelkar Airport
QotyrtasChelkar Airport
KemershiChelkar Airport
BarshakumAktobe Airport
BegimbetChelkar Airport
BozoyChelkar Airport
DiyarChelkar Airport
QaraobaChelkar Airport
ZharqamysChelkar Airport
MiyalyAtyrau Airport
QarghalyAktobe Airport
AqqaytymChelkar Airport
AqkemerAktobe Airport
AkrabAktobe Airport
AqshatauAktobe Airport
DongyztauChelkar Airport
AlekseyevkaAktobe Airport
AlghaAktobe Airport
AlimbetovkaAktobe Airport
AlpyspayAktobe Airport
AltyqarasuAktobe Airport
Amangel'dyAktobe Airport
Anastas'evkaAktobe Airport
AndreyevkaAktobe Airport
AralchaAktobe Airport
AshchisayAktobe Airport
AstrakhanovkaAktobe Airport
BaturasayAktobe Airport