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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Kazakhstan for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Ust'-KamenogorskUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
SemipalatinskSemipalatinsk Airport
RidderUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
ZyryanovskUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
AyakozAyaguz Airport
GeorgievkaZhangiztobe Air Base
ShemonaikhaUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
ZaysanZhangiztobe Air Base
UrzharAyaguz Airport
GlubokoeUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
BelusovkaUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
SharZhangiztobe Air Base
ZhezkentSemipalatinsk Airport
KurchumUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
TughylZhangiztobe Air Base
Ust'-TalovkaUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
Zhanga BuqtyrmaUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
BorodulikhaSemipalatinsk Airport
AsubulaqUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
QarauylAyaguz Airport
AqtoghayAyaguz Airport
ZhalghyztobeZhangiztobe Air Base
AuezovZhangiztobe Air Base
AltayUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
MaleevskUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
OgnevkaUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
BelogorskiyUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
BokeZhangiztobe Air Base
ShaghanDolon Air Base
QaraqozhaUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
PribrezhnyyUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
SuyqbulaqZhangiztobe Air Base
SolnechnyyZhangiztobe Air Base
QabanbayZhangiztobe Air Base
AqmektepZhangiztobe Air Base
SegizbayAyaguz Airport
EmiltauBalkhash Airport
AbyralyKurchatov Airfield
KindiktiZhangiztobe Air Base
ArshatyUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
OrlovkaUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
QapanbulaqZhangiztobe Air Base
EngirekeyAyaguz Airport
ChinzhiDolon Air Base
AkbulakDolon Air Base
KaraulenKurchatov Airfield
KarabulakAyaguz Airport
SosnovkaDolon Air Base
QoytasUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
AqaralZhangiztobe Air Base
CityNearest Airport
KarashilikDolon Air Base
QyzylzhetekZhangiztobe Air Base
AqshiAyaguz Airport
AqsuatAyaguz Airport
AqsuatZhangiztobe Air Base
AqzhalZhangiztobe Air Base
AkzharAyaguz Airport
AlekseevkaAyaguz Airport
TerektyUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
AlgabasZhangiztobe Air Base
AyAyaguz Airport
AyghyzAyaguz Airport
BaqtyAyaguz Airport
BaltataraqSemipalatinsk Airport
BarshatasAyaguz Airport
BaskolDolon Air Base
BaykoshkarAyaguz Airport
SarapanDolon Air Base
BegenKurchatov Airfield
BelaghashSemipalatinsk Airport
BelokamenkaDolon Air Base
BeloeZhangiztobe Air Base
BeloeUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
BelterekZhangiztobe Air Base
BerelUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
BerezovkaDolon Air Base
BerezovskiySemipalatinsk Airport
BestamakDolon Air Base
BighashZhangiztobe Air Base
BlagodarnoeAyaguz Airport
BobrovkaUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
BobrovkaUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
Ulken BokenZhangiztobe Air Base
Bol'shaya VladimirovkaDolon Air Base
UlkennarynUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
Bol'shevikZhangiztobe Air Base
BorodinoUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
BrusilovskiySemipalatinsk Airport
BodeneDolon Air Base
BukenchiDolon Air Base
BulakSemipalatinsk Airport
BoranUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
BykovoUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
BystrukhaUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
SherdayaqUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
CheremshankaUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
ShyngghystayUst-Kamennogorsk Airport
DolonDolon Air Base
DonenbayAyaguz Airport
GlukhovkaSemipalatinsk Airport