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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Kazakhstan for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
AtyrauAtyrau Airport
BalyqshyAtyrau Airport
MaqatAtyrau Airport
InderborAtyrau Airport
DossorAtyrau Airport
QaratonAtyrau Airport
MakhambetAtyrau Airport
MiyalyAtyrau Airport
BayshonasAtyrau Airport
BiikzhalAtyrau Airport
ArynbyurekAtyrau Airport
TengizAtyrau Airport
AqqyztoghayAtyrau Airport
AqkolAtyrau Airport
AqqystauAtyrau Airport
Al'manbyurukAtyrau Airport
AndaralAtyrau Airport
ArmbiryukAtyrau Airport
ArshinovAtyrau Airport
AzghyrAtyrau Airport
BaydaAtyrau Airport
BaygoraAtyrau Airport
BogatoyeAtyrau Airport
Bol'shaya SafonovkaAtyrau Airport
Bol'shoy DashinAtyrau Airport
Bol'shoy KaptagayAtyrau Airport
CheredovoyAtyrau Airport
DambaAtyrau Airport
DeutskiyAtyrau Airport
DimbayAtyrau Airport
DolonkaAtyrau Airport
DudatskiyAtyrau Airport
Dzhangil'dinoAtyrau Airport
GanyushkinoAtyrau Airport
GoroshkinAtyrau Airport
GoryAtyrau Airport
EskeneAtyrau Airport
KamalAtyrau Airport
KamstaralAtyrau Airport
KoptogayAtyrau Airport
KaptagayAtyrau Airport
KarabauAtyrau Airport
Karakol'Atyrau Airport
Kara YarAtyrau Airport
KartaAtyrau Airport
KharbayskiyAtyrau Airport
KiroyeAtyrau Airport
KomsomolAtyrau Airport
KonystanuAtyrau Airport
KoptogayAtyrau Airport
CityNearest Airport
KorduanAtyrau Airport
KoreyskiyAtyrau Airport
QosshaghylAtyrau Airport
QoshqarAtyrau Airport
KotyaevkaAtyrau Airport
Krasnaya ArmiyaAtyrau Airport
KudryashovoAtyrau Airport
KulaginoAtyrau Airport
KulakshiAtyrau Airport
QulsaryAtyrau Airport
KuyganAtyrau Airport
Kuygun PervyyAtyrau Airport
Kuygun TretiyAtyrau Airport
KzylobaAtyrau Airport
LinevyyAtyrau Airport
Malaya SafonovkaAtyrau Airport
Malyy Sudar'Atyrau Airport
MashtakAtyrau Airport
MatkaralAtyrau Airport
MayaralAtyrau Airport
MaykomgenAtyrau Airport
MuqyrAtyrau Airport
MunaylyAtyrau Airport
NovobogatinskoeAtyrau Airport
UshtaghanAtyrau Airport
ProrvaAtyrau Airport
RozhokAtyrau Airport
SaghyzAtyrau Airport
SagizAtyrau Airport
SaryqamysAtyrau Airport
SarytoghayAtyrau Airport
SennoyAtyrau Airport
ShestoyAtyrau Airport
ShkolaAtyrau Airport
ShortanbayAtyrau Airport
StarchiyAtyrau Airport
SuyindikAtyrau Airport
TalambayAtyrau Airport
TangdayAtyrau Airport
TartayAtyrau Airport
TaschagilAtyrau Airport
TaysoyghanAtyrau Airport
TorbeyevkaAtyrau Airport
Zhana-AulAtyrau Airport
UteryAtyrau Airport
YeserkenAtyrau Airport
YusupovskiyAtyrau Airport
Zaburun'eAtyrau Airport
ZormataAtyrau Airport
ZelenoeAtyrau Airport