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This is an online tool to search airports in Thuringen, Germany nearest to the entered place, city, town or village and display them on the map with their distances.
Both domestic/regional and international airports in Thuringen, Germany with their IATA codes will be listed.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the Thuringen, Germany may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Germany for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
ErfurtErfurt Airport
JenaErfurt Airport
GeraAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
WeimarErfurt Airport
GothaErfurt Airport
NordhausenErfurt Airport
EisenachEisenach-Kindel Airport
SuhlErfurt Airport
AltenburgAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
MuhlhausenEisenach-Kindel Airport
SaalfeldErfurt Airport
IlmenauErfurt Airport
ArnstadtErfurt Airport
RudolstadtErfurt Airport
ApoldaErfurt Airport
GreizAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
SonnebergHof-Plauen Airport
SondershausenErfurt Airport
MeiningenEisenach-Kindel Airport
SommerdaErfurt Airport
Bad LangensalzaEisenach-Kindel Airport
SchmalkaldenEisenach-Kindel Airport
Heilbad HeiligenstadtEisenach-Kindel Airport
Bad SalzungenEisenach-Kindel Airport
ZeulenrodaHof-Plauen Airport
LeinefeldeEisenach-Kindel Airport
PossneckHof-Plauen Airport
SchmollnAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
Zella-MehlisEisenach-Kindel Airport
HildburghausenErfurt Airport
WaltershausenEisenach-Kindel Airport
EisenbergAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
MeuselwitzAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
SchleizHof-Plauen Airport
NeustadtHof-Plauen Airport
Bad FrankenhausenErfurt Airport
HermsdorfAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
WeidaAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
Bad BerkaErfurt Airport
Bad BlankenburgErfurt Airport
KahlaErfurt Airport
BlankenhainErfurt Airport
RuhlaEisenach-Kindel Airport
StadtrodaAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
BleicherodeEisenach-Kindel Airport
EllrichEisenach-Kindel Airport
ArternErfurt Airport
RosslebenErfurt Airport
TreffurtEisenach-Kindel Airport
NeuhausErfurt Airport
CityNearest Airport
EisfeldErfurt Airport
SchleusingenErfurt Airport
KolledaErfurt Airport
Kurort Steinbach-HallenbergEisenach-Kindel Airport
KonigseeErfurt Airport
FriedrichrodaEisenach-Kindel Airport
RonneburgAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
WorbisEisenach-Kindel Airport
BreitungenEisenach-Kindel Airport
StadtilmErfurt Airport
DingelstadtEisenach-Kindel Airport
SteinachHof-Plauen Airport
LuckaAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
KraftsdorfAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
Tambach-DietharzEisenach-Kindel Airport
SchlotheimEisenach-Kindel Airport
TiefenortEisenach-Kindel Airport
TrusetalEisenach-Kindel Airport
TannaHof-Plauen Airport
TabarzEisenach-Kindel Airport
RemptendorfHof-Plauen Airport
GossnitzAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
LauschaHof-Plauen Airport
UnterbreizbachEisenach-Kindel Airport
TriptisHof-Plauen Airport
Bad LiebensteinEisenach-Kindel Airport
TriebesHof-Plauen Airport
GreussenErfurt Airport
Bad KostritzAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
IchtershausenErfurt Airport
BergaAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
GerstungenEisenach-Kindel Airport
WurzbachHof-Plauen Airport
NobitzAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
VachaEisenach-Kindel Airport
LangewiesenErfurt Airport
KranichfeldErfurt Airport
WasungenEisenach-Kindel Airport
LangenwetzendorfAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
WeissenseeErfurt Airport
GehrenErfurt Airport
ForitzHof-Plauen Airport
GrafenrodaErfurt Airport
AnrodeEisenach-Kindel Airport
GeisaEisenach-Kindel Airport
Bad KlosterlausnitzAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
Neuhaus-SchierschnitzHof-Plauen Airport
NiederorschelEisenach-Kindel Airport
MunchenbernsdorfAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
SchernbergErfurt Airport