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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Germany for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
SaarbruckenSaarbrücken Airport
NeunkirchenSaarbrücken Airport
HomburgSaarbrücken Airport
VolklingenSaarbrücken Airport
Sankt IngbertSaarbrücken Airport
SaarlouisSaarbrücken Airport
MerzigSaarbrücken Airport
Sankt WendelSaarbrücken Airport
BlieskastelSaarbrücken Airport
LebachSaarbrücken Airport
DillingenSaarbrücken Airport
PuttlingenSaarbrücken Airport
HeusweilerSaarbrücken Airport
BexbachSaarbrücken Airport
SchwalbachSaarbrücken Airport
IllingenSaarbrücken Airport
WadgassenSaarbrücken Airport
SulzbachSaarbrücken Airport
EppelbornSaarbrücken Airport
SchmelzSaarbrücken Airport
SchiffweilerSaarbrücken Airport
WadernSaarbrücken Airport
LosheimSaarbrücken Airport
BeckingenSaarbrücken Airport
Rehlingen-SiersburgSaarbrücken Airport
RiegelsbergSaarbrücken Airport
OttweilerSaarbrücken Airport
Spiesen-ElversbergSaarbrücken Airport
QuierschiedSaarbrücken Airport
SaarwellingenSaarbrücken Airport
TholeySaarbrücken Airport
KleinblittersdorfSaarbrücken Airport
UberherrnSaarbrücken Airport
FriedrichsthalSaarbrücken Airport
MarpingenSaarbrücken Airport
MerchweilerSaarbrücken Airport
NohfeldenRamstein Air Base
KirkelSaarbrücken Airport
WallerfangenSaarbrücken Airport
NalbachSaarbrücken Airport
NonnweilerFrankfurt-Hahn Airport
GrossrosselnSaarbrücken Airport
FreisenRamstein Air Base
NambornSaarbrücken Airport
BousSaarbrücken Airport
GersheimSaarbrücken Airport
EnsdorfSaarbrücken Airport
OberthalSaarbrücken Airport
WeiskirchenSaarbrücken Airport
OrscholzSpangdahlem Air Base
CityNearest Airport
MettlachSaarbrücken Airport
HangardSaarbrücken Airport
BrittenSaarbrücken Airport
MainzweilerSaarbrücken Airport
FahaSpangdahlem Air Base
BethingenSaarbrücken Airport
DreisbachSaarbrücken Airport
Ludweiler-WarndtSaarbrücken Airport
UnnerSaarbrücken Airport
Uberroth-NiederhofenSaarbrücken Airport
SchwarzenackerSaarbrücken Airport
RothSaarbrücken Airport
Peppenkum-UtweilerSaarbrücken Airport
Obersalbach-KurhofSaarbrücken Airport
HellwiesSaarbrücken Airport
DorfSaarbrücken Airport
Bosen-EckelhausenSaarbrücken Airport
BeaumaraisSaarbrücken Airport
AlschbachSaarbrücken Airport
AlsfassenSaarbrücken Airport
AlsweilerSaarbrücken Airport
AltbreitenfelderhofSaarbrücken Airport
AltenkesselSaarbrücken Airport
AltenwaldSaarbrücken Airport
AltforweilerSaarbrücken Airport
AltheimSaarbrücken Airport
AltlandSaarbrücken Airport
AltstadtSaarbrücken Airport
AschbachSaarbrücken Airport
AschbacherhofSaarbrücken Airport
AssweilerSaarbrücken Airport
AsweilerRamstein Air Base
AuersmacherSaarbrücken Airport
AuschetSaarbrücken Airport
AussenSaarbrücken Airport
BachemSaarbrücken Airport
BallernSaarbrücken Airport
BallweilerSaarbrücken Airport
BaltersweilerSaarbrücken Airport
BardenbachSaarbrücken Airport
BebelsheimSaarbrücken Airport
BedersdorfSaarbrücken Airport
BeedenSaarbrücken Airport
BergSpangdahlem Air Base
BergenSaarbrücken Airport
BergweilerSaarbrücken Airport
BerschweilerSaarbrücken Airport
BerschweilerSaarbrücken Airport
BerusSaarbrücken Airport
BeschSpangdahlem Air Base