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This is an online tool to search airports in Hessen, Germany nearest to the entered place, city, town or village and display them on the map with their distances.
Both domestic/regional and international airports in Hessen, Germany with their IATA codes will be listed.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the Hessen, Germany may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Germany for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Frankfurt am MainFrankfurt am Main International Airport
WiesbadenWiesbaden Army Airfield
KasselKassel-Calden Airport
DarmstadtFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
OffenbachFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
Hanau am MainFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
Marburg an der LahnFritzlar Airport
GiessenSiegerland Airport
FuldaFritzlar Airport
RusselsheimFrankfurt am Main International Airport
WetzlarSiegerland Airport
Bad Homburg vor der HoheFrankfurt am Main International Airport
RodgauFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
OberurselFrankfurt am Main International Airport
DreieichFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
BensheimColeman Army Air Field
MaintalFrankfurt am Main International Airport
Hofheim am TaunusFrankfurt am Main International Airport
LangenFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
Neu IsenburgFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
Limburg an der LahnSiegerland Airport
DietzenbachFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
Morfelden-WalldorfFrankfurt am Main International Airport
ViernheimColeman Army Air Field
LampertheimColeman Army Air Field
Bad VilbelFrankfurt am Main International Airport
Bad HersfeldFritzlar Airport
Bad NauheimFrankfurt am Main International Airport
TaunussteinWiesbaden Army Airfield
BaunatalFritzlar Airport
FriedbergFrankfurt am Main International Airport
Kelkheim (Taunus)Wiesbaden Army Airfield
MuhlheimFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
Heppenheim an der BergstrasseColeman Army Air Field
GriesheimFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
ButzbachFrankfurt am Main International Airport
PfungstadtFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
HattersheimFrankfurt am Main International Airport
KorbachFritzlar Airport
DillenburgSiegerland Airport
ObertshausenFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
FriedrichsdorfFrankfurt am Main International Airport
WeiterstadtFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
Gross-GerauFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
IdsteinWiesbaden Army Airfield
GelnhausenFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
Gross-UmstadtFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
StadtallendorfFritzlar Airport
KarbenFrankfurt am Main International Airport
BudingenFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
CityNearest Airport
RiedstadtFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
Bad Soden am TaunusFrankfurt am Main International Airport
EschwegeEisenach-Kindel Airport
HerbornSiegerland Airport
BruchkobelFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
EschbornFrankfurt am Main International Airport
HaigerSiegerland Airport
NidderauFrankfurt am Main International Airport
FlorsheimFrankfurt am Main International Airport
SeligenstadtFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
SchwalmstadtFritzlar Airport
FrankenbergFritzlar Airport
HeusenstammFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
VellmarKassel-Calden Airport
NiddaFrankfurt am Main International Airport
Bad WildungenFritzlar Airport
ReinheimFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
AlsfeldFritzlar Airport
KronbergFrankfurt am Main International Airport
MichelstadtColeman Army Air Field
SchluchternFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
Hochheim am MainWiesbaden Army Airfield
Bad ArolsenKassel-Calden Airport
EltvilleMainz-Finthen Airport
BabenhausenFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
HofgeismarKassel-Calden Airport
Seeheim-JugenheimFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
KirchhainFritzlar Airport
HunfeldFritzlar Airport
KunzellFritzlar Airport
WitzenhausenKassel-Calden Airport
Ginsheim-GustavsburgWiesbaden Army Airfield
Konigstein im TaunusWiesbaden Army Airfield
Ober-RamstadtFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
BurstadtColeman Army Air Field
Neu-AnspachWiesbaden Army Airfield
DieburgFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
HombergFritzlar Airport
BebraFritzlar Airport
FritzlarFritzlar Airport
Hain-GrundauFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
PetersbergFritzlar Airport
NiedernhausenWiesbaden Army Airfield
LauterbachFritzlar Airport
Rotenburg an der FuldaFritzlar Airport
GrunbergFritzlar Airport
Bad CambergWiesbaden Army Airfield
Schwalbach am TaunusFrankfurt am Main International Airport
MunsterFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
MelsungenFritzlar Airport