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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Germany for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
MunichOberpfaffenhofen Airport
NuernbergNuremberg Airport
AugsburgAugsburg Airport
WurzburgNiederstetten Airport
RegensburgHohenfels Army Air Field
IngolstadtIngolstadt Manching Airport
FurthNuremberg Airport
ErlangenNuremberg Airport
BayreuthBayreuth Airport
BambergNuremberg Airport
AschaffenburgFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
Kempten (Allgaeu)Memmingen Allgau Airport
LandshutErding Airport
RosenheimErding Airport
SchweinfurtNiederstetten Airport
Neu-UlmLaupheim Airport
PassauErding Airport
HofHof-Plauen Airport
AmbergHohenfels Army Air Field
StraubingHohenfels Army Air Field
FreisingMunich International Airport
WeidenGrafenwohr Army Air Field
KaufbeurenLandsberg Lech Airport
CoburgBayreuth Airport
MemmingenMemmingen Allgau Airport
DachauFürstenfeldbruck Airport
Neumarkt in der OberpfalzRoth Airport
SchwabachRoth Airport
GermeringOberpfaffenhofen Airport
FuerstenfeldbruckFürstenfeldbruck Airport
AnsbachRoth Airport
DeggendorfHohenfels Army Air Field
ForchheimNuremberg Airport
FriedbergAugsburg Airport
Neuburg an der DonauNeuburg Airport
Schwandorf in BayernHohenfels Army Air Field
KulmbachBayreuth Airport
KonigsbrunnLechfeld Airport
Landsberg am LechLandsberg Lech Airport
Lauf an der PegnitzNuremberg Airport
Garmisch-PartenkirchenLandsberg Lech Airport
ZirndorfNuremberg Airport
UnterschleissheimMunich International Airport
RothRoth Airport
WaldkraiburgErding Airport
LindauFriedrichshafen Airport
OlchingFürstenfeldbruck Airport
GeretsriedOberpfaffenhofen Airport
HerzogenaurachNuremberg Airport
Pfaffenhofen an der IlmIngolstadt Manching Airport
CityNearest Airport
StarnbergOberpfaffenhofen Airport
SendenLaupheim Airport
Weilheim in OberbayernOberpfaffenhofen Airport
KitzingenNiederstetten Airport
LichtenfelsBayreuth Airport
Bad KissingenNiederstetten Airport
SonthofenMemmingen Allgau Airport
TraunreutErding Airport
AichachAugsburg Airport
VaterstettenErding Airport
UnterhachingOberpfaffenhofen Airport
Sulzbach-RosenbergGrafenwohr Army Air Field
GersthofenAugsburg Airport
GunzburgLaupheim Airport
NoerdlingenNeuburg Airport
PuchheimFürstenfeldbruck Airport
GautingOberpfaffenhofen Airport
OttobrunnOberpfaffenhofen Airport
GrobenzellFürstenfeldbruck Airport
Alzenau in UnterfrankenFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport
DingolfingErding Airport
Dillingen an der DonauAugsburg Airport
MarktoberdorfMemmingen Allgau Airport
TraunsteinErding Airport
DonauworthNeuburg Airport
BurghausenErding Airport
Neufahrn bei FreisingMunich International Airport
KronachBayreuth Airport
MarktredwitzBayreuth Airport
KolbermoorErding Airport
KarlsfeldFürstenfeldbruck Airport
Weissenburg in BayernRoth Airport
TaufkirchenOberpfaffenhofen Airport
Bad AiblingErding Airport
MuhldorfErding Airport
HaarMunich International Airport
Bad TolzOberpfaffenhofen Airport
MoosburgErding Airport
ChamHohenfels Army Air Field
OberasbachNuremberg Airport
WolfratshausenOberpfaffenhofen Airport
SelbHof-Plauen Airport
Bad ReichenhallErding Airport
GilchingOberpfaffenhofen Airport
Neustadt bei CoburgBayreuth Airport
VilshofenErding Airport
BobingenLechfeld Airport
IllertissenLaupheim Airport
GunzenhausenRoth Airport
GrossostheimFrankfurt-Egelsbach Airport