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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Germany for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
StuttgartStuttgart Airport
MannheimMannheim-City Airport
KarlsruheKarlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport
FreiburgLahr Airport
HeidelbergMannheim-City Airport
HeilbronnAdolf Würth Airport
UlmLaupheim Airport
PforzheimStuttgart Airport
ReutlingenStuttgart Airport
EsslingenStuttgart Airport
LudwigsburgStuttgart Airport
TubingenStuttgart Airport
Villingen-SchwenningenDonaueschingen-Villingen Airport
KonstanzFriedrichshafen Airport
AalenAdolf Würth Airport
Schwabisch GmundAdolf Würth Airport
SindelfingenStuttgart Airport
OffenburgLahr Airport
FriedrichshafenFriedrichshafen Airport
GoppingenStuttgart Airport
Baden-BadenKarlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport
WaiblingenStuttgart Airport
Heidenheim an der BrenzLaupheim Airport
RavensburgFriedrichshafen Airport
RastattKarlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport
LorrachDonaueschingen-Villingen Airport
AlbstadtDonaueschingen-Villingen Airport
BoblingenStuttgart Airport
LeonbergStuttgart Airport
SingenDonaueschingen-Villingen Airport
FellbachStuttgart Airport
LahrLahr Airport
FilderstadtStuttgart Airport
WeinheimMannheim-City Airport
BruchsalMannheim-City Airport
RottenburgStuttgart Airport
Bietigheim-BissingenStuttgart Airport
NurtingenStuttgart Airport
Kirchheim unter TeckStuttgart Airport
SchorndorfStuttgart Airport
EttlingenKarlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport
Leinfelden-EchterdingenStuttgart Airport
Schwabisch HallAdolf Würth Airport
BacknangAdolf Würth Airport
SinsheimMannheim-City Airport
TuttlingenDonaueschingen-Villingen Airport
BalingenDonaueschingen-Villingen Airport
KehlLahr Airport
OstfildernStuttgart Airport
RheinfeldenDonaueschingen-Villingen Airport
CityNearest Airport
Biberach an der RissLaupheim Airport
CrailsheimAdolf Würth Airport
HerrenbergStuttgart Airport
KornwestheimStuttgart Airport
Radolfzell am BodenseeFriedrichshafen Airport
Weil am RheinDonaueschingen-Villingen Airport
GaggenauKarlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport
BuhlKarlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport
Vaihingen an der EnzStuttgart Airport
BrettenMannheim-City Airport
Geislingen an der SteigeLaupheim Airport
WinnendenStuttgart Airport
NeckarsulmAdolf Würth Airport
LeimenMannheim-City Airport
Wangen im AllgauFriedrichshafen Airport
MuhlackerStuttgart Airport
EmmendingenLahr Airport
Weinstadt-EndersbachStuttgart Airport
EhingenLaupheim Airport
Horb am NeckarStuttgart Airport
WieslochMannheim-City Airport
RottweilDonaueschingen-Villingen Airport
EllwangenAdolf Würth Airport
MosbachMannheim-City Airport
WertheimNiederstetten Airport
AchernKarlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport
DitzingenStuttgart Airport
FreudenstadtLahr Airport
WeingartenFriedrichshafen Airport
CalwStuttgart Airport
NagoldStuttgart Airport
OhringenAdolf Würth Airport
SchwetzingenMannheim-City Airport
Bad MergentheimNiederstetten Airport
Leutkirch im AllgauMemmingen Allgau Airport
MetzingenStuttgart Airport
DonaueschingenDonaueschingen-Villingen Airport
UberlingenFriedrichshafen Airport
EppingenMannheim-City Airport
HockenheimMannheim-City Airport
EislingenStuttgart Airport
Bad RappenauMannheim-City Airport
RheinstettenKarlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport
OberkirchLahr Airport
Giengen an der BrenzLaupheim Airport
WaghauselMannheim-City Airport
WaldkirchLahr Airport
MossingenStuttgart Airport
Bad WaldseeFriedrichshafen Airport
HechingenStuttgart Airport