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Note: Data of all the airports in the Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Germany for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Halle-NeustadtLeipzig Halle Airport
HalleLeipzig Halle Airport
NeustadtMagdeburg Airport
DessauZerbst Airport
HalberstadtMagdeburg Airport
StendalBrandenburg-Briest Airport
MerseburgLeipzig Halle Airport
WernigerodeBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
SchonebeckMagdeburg Airport
BernburgMagdeburg Airport
WeissenfelsLeipzig Halle Airport
NaumburgLeipzig Halle Airport
ZeitzAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
KothenZerbst Airport
WolfenLeipzig Halle Airport
Burg bei MagdeburgMagdeburg Airport
AscherslebenMagdeburg Airport
SangerhausenErfurt Airport
StassfurtMagdeburg Airport
QuedlinburgMagdeburg Airport
SalzwedelFassberg Airport
HaldenslebenMagdeburg Airport
OscherslebenMagdeburg Airport
BlankenburgMagdeburg Airport
HettstedtMagdeburg Airport
ZerbstZerbst Airport
GenthinBrandenburg-Briest Airport
RosslauZerbst Airport
ThaleMagdeburg Airport
GardelegenMagdeburg Airport
Bad DurrenbergLeipzig Halle Airport
CalbeMagdeburg Airport
JessenHolzdorf Airport
WolmirstedtMagdeburg Airport
TangermundeBrandenburg-Briest Airport
HohenmolsenLeipzig Halle Airport
AkenZerbst Airport
QuerfurtLeipzig Halle Airport
Huy-NeinstedtBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
CoswigZerbst Airport
BallenstedtMagdeburg Airport
GrafenhainichenZerbst Airport
OebisfeldeBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
OsterburgBrandenburg-Briest Airport
HavelbergBrandenburg-Briest Airport
TeutschenthalLeipzig Halle Airport
LeunaLeipzig Halle Airport
BraunsbedraLeipzig Halle Airport
SandersdorfLeipzig Halle Airport
MuchelnLeipzig Halle Airport
CityNearest Airport
IlsenburgBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
MockernZerbst Airport
TangerhutteMagdeburg Airport
GommernMagdeburg Airport
BarlebenMagdeburg Airport
Bad KosenLeipzig Halle Airport
KlotzeBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
WanzlebenMagdeburg Airport
KonnernLeipzig Halle Airport
Bad LauchstadtLeipzig Halle Airport
HelbraLeipzig Halle Airport
BarbyZerbst Airport
LandsbergLeipzig Halle Airport
BiederitzMagdeburg Airport
NienburgMagdeburg Airport
FreyburgLeipzig Halle Airport
HarzgerodeMagdeburg Airport
SeehausenSchwerin Parchim Airport
NiederndodelebenMagdeburg Airport
Bad SchmiedebergHolzdorf Airport
GustenMagdeburg Airport
GroningenMagdeburg Airport
EgelnMagdeburg Airport
ElbingerodeBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
ZorbigLeipzig Halle Airport
HecklingenMagdeburg Airport
GernrodeMagdeburg Airport
OsterwieckBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
RaguhnLeipzig Halle Airport
JessnitzLeipzig Halle Airport
LutzenLeipzig Halle Airport
ZahnaHolzdorf Airport
AnnaburgHolzdorf Airport
MansfeldMagdeburg Airport
OranienbaumZerbst Airport
ColbitzMagdeburg Airport
BismarkBrandenburg-Briest Airport
HolzweissigLeipzig Halle Airport
TeuchernAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
HasselfeldeMagdeburg Airport
AllstedtErfurt Airport
GerbstedtLeipzig Halle Airport
DieskauLeipzig Halle Airport
WegelebenMagdeburg Airport
KelbraErfurt Airport
Roblingen am SeeLeipzig Halle Airport
SchkopauLeipzig Halle Airport
BrehnaLeipzig Halle Airport
Luftkurort ArendseeSchwerin Parchim Airport
ZschornewitzLeipzig Halle Airport