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This is an online tool to search airports in Sachsen, Germany nearest to the entered place, city, town or village and display them on the map with their distances.
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Note: Data of all the airports in the Sachsen, Germany may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Germany for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
LeipzigLeipzig Halle Airport
WahrenLeipzig Halle Airport
DresdenDresden Airport
ChemnitzAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
ZwickauAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
PlauenHof-Plauen Airport
GorlitzRothenburg/Görlitz Airport
HoyerswerdaDresden Airport
FreibergDresden Airport
BautzenRothenburg/Görlitz Airport
PirnaDresden Airport
FreitalDresden Airport
RiesaDresden Airport
RadebeulDresden Airport
MeissenDresden Airport
Limbach-OberfrohnaAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
GlauchauAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
ZittauRothenburg/Görlitz Airport
DelitzschLeipzig Halle Airport
WerdauAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
Markkleeberg WestLeipzig Halle Airport
Annaberg-BuchholzAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
Reichenbach/VogtlandAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
CrimmitschauAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
CoswigDresden Airport
WeisswasserRothenburg/Görlitz Airport
AuerbachHof-Plauen Airport
DobelnAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
BornaAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
RadebergDresden Airport
TorgauHolzdorf Airport
AueAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
SchwarzenbergAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
SchkeuditzLeipzig Halle Airport
LobauRothenburg/Görlitz Airport
KamenzDresden Airport
GrimmaAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
EilenburgLeipzig Halle Airport
MeeraneAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
FrankenbergAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
SchneebergAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
HeidenauDresden Airport
MittweidaAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
GrossenhainDresden Airport
Hohenstein-ErnstthalAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
OschatzDresden Airport
BitterfeldLeipzig Halle Airport
WurzenLeipzig Halle Airport
TauchaLeipzig Halle Airport
MarienbergAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
CityNearest Airport
WilsdruffDresden Airport
LichtensteinAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
BischofswerdaDresden Airport
MarkranstadtLeipzig Halle Airport
StollbergAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
OelsnitzHof-Plauen Airport
MulsenAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
BurgstadtAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
OelsnitzAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
Wilkau-HasslauAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
ZschopauAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
ZwonitzAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
Brand-ErbisdorfDresden Airport
OlbernhauDresden Airport
FlohaAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
NieskyRothenburg/Görlitz Airport
DippoldiswaldeDresden Airport
BannewitzDresden Airport
PenigAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
NeustadtDresden Airport
WeinbohlaDresden Airport
LossnitzAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
Ottendorf-OkrillaDresden Airport
BrandisLeipzig Halle Airport
FalkensteinHof-Plauen Airport
HainichenAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
KirchbergAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
TreuenHof-Plauen Airport
KlingenthalHof-Plauen Airport
SebnitzDresden Airport
Bad LausickAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
WaldheimAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
Bad DubenLeipzig Halle Airport
EbersbachRothenburg/Görlitz Airport
ReinsdorfAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
ZwenkauLeipzig Halle Airport
NaunhofLeipzig Halle Airport
GroitzschAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
BorsdorfLeipzig Halle Airport
LengenfeldAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
MoritzburgDresden Airport
FrohburgAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
RadeburgDresden Airport
SohlandDresden Airport
LugauAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
NossenDresden Airport
ThalheimAltenburg-Nobitz Airport
RodewischHof-Plauen Airport
RossweinDresden Airport
NeukirchenAltenburg-Nobitz Airport