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Note: Data of all the airports in the Niedersachsen, Germany may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Germany for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
HannoverHannover Airport
BraunschweigBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
OsnabruckMünster Osnabrück Airport
OldenburgBremen Airport
WolfsburgBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
GottingenKassel-Calden Airport
HildesheimHannover Airport
WilhelmshavenJever Airport
DelmenhorstBremen Airport
LuneburgFassberg Airport
CelleCelle Airport
GarbsenHannover Airport
HamelnBuckeburg Airport
WolfenbuttelBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
NordhornRheine Bentlage Airport
CuxhavenNordholz Airport
EmdenWittmundhafen Airport
LingenRheine Bentlage Airport
LangenhagenHannover Airport
PeineBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
MelleGütersloh Airport
Neustadt am RubenbergeWunstorf Airport
StadeHamburg-Finkenwerder Airport
LehrteHannover Airport
GoslarBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
GifhornBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
WunstorfWunstorf Airport
SeevetalHamburg-Finkenwerder Airport
AurichWittmundhafen Airport
LaatzenHannover Airport
BuxtehudeHamburg-Finkenwerder Airport
Buchholz in der NordheideHamburg-Finkenwerder Airport
UelzenFassberg Airport
BarsinghausenWunstorf Airport
MeppenRheine Bentlage Airport
PapenburgWittmundhafen Airport
LeerWittmundhafen Airport
SeelzeHannover Airport
WinsenHamburg-Finkenwerder Airport
NienburgWunstorf Airport
GeorgsmarienhutteMünster Osnabrück Airport
StuhrBremen Airport
Osterholz-ScharmbeckBremen Airport
BramscheDiepholz Airport
CloppenburgDiepholz Airport
GanderkeseeBremen Airport
NortheimKassel-Calden Airport
BurgdorfCelle Airport
AchimBremen Airport
SpringeWunstorf Airport
CityNearest Airport
VechtaDiepholz Airport
EinbeckKassel-Calden Airport
RintelnBuckeburg Airport
NordenhamNordholz Airport
Bad ZwischenahnJever Airport
VerdenBremen Airport
HelmstedtBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
VarelJever Airport
LohneDiepholz Airport
NordenWittmundhafen Airport
Hannoversch MundenKassel-Calden Airport
WalsrodeFassberg Airport
SykeBremen Airport
WallenhorstMünster Osnabrück Airport
RonnenbergHannover Airport
StadthagenBuckeburg Airport
Bad HarzburgBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
DuderstadtEisenach-Kindel Airport
Isernhagen Farster BauerschaftHannover Airport
HarenRheine Bentlage Airport
SehndeHannover Airport
RotenburgBremen Airport
SoltauFassberg Airport
SeesenBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
WesterstedeJever Airport
Bad PyrmontBuckeburg Airport
SchortensJever Airport
WittmundJever Airport
AlfeldHannover Airport
HolzmindenKassel-Calden Airport
BuckeburgBuckeburg Airport
EdewechtJever Airport
UetzeCelle Airport
FriesoytheJever Airport
Neu WulmstorfHamburg-Finkenwerder Airport
Hessisch OldendorfBuckeburg Airport
RastedeJever Airport
SchwanewedeBremen Airport
BremervordeNordholz Airport
SchneverdingenFassberg Airport
LangenNordholz Airport
Bad Munder am DeisterBuckeburg Airport
SarstedtHannover Airport
HemmingenHannover Airport
LilienthalBremen Airport
WildeshausenBremen Airport
MunsterFassberg Airport
DiepholzDiepholz Airport
Konigslutter am ElmBraunschweig Wolfsburg Airport
LoxstedtNordholz Airport