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Note: Data of all the airports in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Germany for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
RostockRostock-Laage Airport
SchwerinSchwerin Parchim Airport
NeubrandenburgNeubrandenburg Airport
StralsundRostock-Laage Airport
GreifswaldNeubrandenburg Airport
WismarLübeck Blankensee Airport
GustrowRostock-Laage Airport
NeustrelitzNeubrandenburg Airport
WarenNeubrandenburg Airport
ParchimSchwerin Parchim Airport
Ribnitz-DamgartenRostock-Laage Airport
BergenHeringsdorf Airport
AnklamHeringsdorf Airport
WolgastHeringsdorf Airport
DemminNeubrandenburg Airport
HagenowSchwerin Parchim Airport
PasewalkHeringsdorf Airport
LudwigslustSchwerin Parchim Airport
Bad DoberanRostock-Laage Airport
UeckermundeHeringsdorf Airport
GrevesmuhlenLübeck Blankensee Airport
BoizenburgLübeck Blankensee Airport
SassnitzHeringsdorf Airport
GrimmenRostock-Laage Airport
TorgelowHeringsdorf Airport
TeterowRostock-Laage Airport
BarthRostock-Laage Airport
WarnemuendeRostock-Laage Airport
MalchinNeubrandenburg Airport
ButzowRostock-Laage Airport
Ostseebad KuhlungsbornRostock-Laage Airport
MalchowSchwerin Parchim Airport
FriedlandNeubrandenburg Airport
Neustadt-GleweSchwerin Parchim Airport
AltentreptowNeubrandenburg Airport
LubzSchwerin Parchim Airport
StrasburgNeubrandenburg Airport
GrabowSchwerin Parchim Airport
GadebuschLübeck Blankensee Airport
Satow-OberhagenRostock-Laage Airport
SanitzNeubrandenburg Airport
PlauSchwerin Parchim Airport
EggesinHeringsdorf Airport
Ostseebad BinzHeringsdorf Airport
RobelNeubrandenburg Airport
SchwaanRostock-Laage Airport
WittenburgLübeck Blankensee Airport
CrivitzSchwerin Parchim Airport
MarlowRostock-Laage Airport
SternbergSchwerin Parchim Airport
CityNearest Airport
PutbusHeringsdorf Airport
Burg StargardNeubrandenburg Airport
LudersdorfRostock-Laage Airport
LaageRostock-Laage Airport
NeubukowRostock-Laage Airport
ElmenhorstRostock-Laage Airport
Seeheilbad Graal-MuritzRostock-Laage Airport
LoitzNeubrandenburg Airport
TessinRostock-Laage Airport
NeuklosterRostock-Laage Airport
WoldegkNeubrandenburg Airport
KropelinRostock-Laage Airport
LubtheenSchwerin Parchim Airport
Bad KleinenSchwerin Parchim Airport
GoldbergSchwerin Parchim Airport
Ostseebad ZinnowitzHeringsdorf Airport
PlateSchwerin Parchim Airport
MirowSchwerin Parchim Airport
DargunRostock-Laage Airport
Seebad HeringsdorfHeringsdorf Airport
WarinRostock-Laage Airport
Krakow am SeeRostock-Laage Airport
AhlbeckHeringsdorf Airport
GnoienRostock-Laage Airport
WesenbergNeubrandenburg Airport
ZarrentinLübeck Blankensee Airport
DassowLübeck Blankensee Airport
JarmenNeubrandenburg Airport
KlutzLübeck Blankensee Airport
ZingstRostock-Laage Airport
FerdinandshofHeringsdorf Airport
BruelSchwerin Parchim Airport
KritzmowRostock-Laage Airport
MecklenburgLübeck Blankensee Airport
KarlshagenHeringsdorf Airport
PampowRostock-Laage Airport
LambrechtshagenRostock-Laage Airport
BroderstorfRostock-Laage Airport
TribseesRostock-Laage Airport
WittenfordenSchwerin Parchim Airport
LocknitzSchwerin Parchim Airport
RehnaLübeck Blankensee Airport
SagardHeringsdorf Airport
Admannshagen-BargeshagenRostock-Laage Airport
SteinhagenRostock-Laage Airport
GagelowSchwerin Parchim Airport
DummerstorfRostock-Laage Airport
GutzkowNeubrandenburg Airport
Ostseebad BoltenhagenLübeck Blankensee Airport
BentwischRostock-Laage Airport