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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Germany for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
MainzWiesbaden Army Airfield
Ludwigshafen am RheinMannheim-City Airport
KoblenzMendig Airport
TrierSpangdahlem Air Base
KaiserslauternRamstein Air Base
WormsColeman Army Air Field
NeuwiedMendig Airport
Neustadt an der WeinstrasseMannheim-City Airport
SpeyerMannheim-City Airport
FrankenthalColeman Army Air Field
PirmasensRamstein Air Base
Bad KreuznachMainz-Finthen Airport
Landau in der PfalzMannheim-City Airport
ZweibruckenSaarbrücken Airport
Idar-ObersteinFrankfurt-Hahn Airport
AndernachMendig Airport
Bad Neuenahr-AhrweilerMendig Airport
Bingen am RheinMainz-Finthen Airport
Nieder-IngelheimMainz-Finthen Airport
GermersheimMannheim-City Airport
HasslochMannheim-City Airport
MayenMendig Airport
SchifferstadtMannheim-City Airport
LahnsteinMendig Airport
Bad DurkheimColeman Army Air Field
AlzeyMainz-Finthen Airport
WittlichSpangdahlem Air Base
SinzigMendig Airport
KonzSpangdahlem Air Base
BendorfMendig Airport
Worth am RheinKarlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport
RemagenMendig Airport
BoppardMendig Airport
GrunstadtColeman Army Air Field
BitburgSpangdahlem Air Base
MutterstadtMannheim-City Airport
MontabaurSiegerland Airport
Oestrich-WinkelMainz-Finthen Airport
MorbachFrankfurt-Hahn Airport
DiezSiegerland Airport
Bohl-IggelheimMannheim-City Airport
LimburgerhofMannheim-City Airport
BetzdorfSiegerland Airport
Mulheim-KarlichMendig Airport
Herxheim am BergColeman Army Air Field
Bobenheim-RoxheimColeman Army Air Field
EisenbergColeman Army Air Field
Hohr-GrenzhausenMendig Airport
Bad EmsMendig Airport
KirchenSiegerland Airport
CityNearest Airport
LandstuhlRamstein Air Base
Bad BreisigMendig Airport
VallendarMendig Airport
MendigMendig Airport
KirnFrankfurt-Hahn Airport
OsthofenColeman Army Air Field
BudenheimMainz-Finthen Airport
WissenSiegerland Airport
DaunBuchel Airport
Nieder-OlmMainz-Finthen Airport
BellheimMannheim-City Airport
KandelKarlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport
Ramstein-MiesenbachRamstein Air Base
KirchheimbolandenMainz-Finthen Airport
Bad BergzabernKarlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport
SimmernFrankfurt-Hahn Airport
RulzheimMannheim-City Airport
AltripMannheim-City Airport
Bruchmuhlbach-MiesauRamstein Air Base
NiersteinMainz-Finthen Airport
WorrstadtMainz-Finthen Airport
GerolsteinSpangdahlem Air Base
WeissenthurmMendig Airport
RodalbenRamstein Air Base
Ransbach-BaumbachMendig Airport
NeuhofenMannheim-City Airport
Ober-SaulheimMainz-Finthen Airport
Annweiler am TrifelsRamstein Air Base
HerdorfSiegerland Airport
Dannstadt-SchauernheimMannheim-City Airport
Enkenbach-AlsenbornRamstein Air Base
AsbachCologne Bonn Airport
HeidesheimColeman Army Air Field
JockgrimKarlsruhe Baden-Baden Airport
BirkenfeldFrankfurt-Hahn Airport
BodenheimWiesbaden Army Airfield
MaxdorfColeman Army Air Field
Bernkastel-KuesFrankfurt-Hahn Airport
OppenheimMainz-Finthen Airport
EdenkobenMannheim-City Airport
PolchMendig Airport
Gau-AlgesheimMainz-Finthen Airport
NeustadtMendig Airport
SchweichSpangdahlem Air Base
AltenkirchenSiegerland Airport
MudersbachSiegerland Airport
SaarburgSpangdahlem Air Base
LambsheimColeman Army Air Field
Offenbach an der QueichMannheim-City Airport
DierdorfMendig Airport