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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Spain for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
BilbaoBilbao Airport
Vitoria-GasteizVitoria/Foronda Airport
San SebastianSan Sebastian Airport
BarakaldoBilbao Airport
AlgortaBilbao Airport
SantutxuBilbao Airport
IrunSan Sebastian Airport
PortugaleteBilbao Airport
SanturtziBilbao Airport
SestaoBilbao Airport
GaldakaoBilbao Airport
EibarBilbao Airport
DurangoBilbao Airport
ErandioBilbao Airport
ZarautzSan Sebastian Airport
HernaniSan Sebastian Airport
LlodioBilbao Airport
OriaSan Sebastian Airport
TolosaSan Sebastian Airport
BermeoBilbao Airport
Amorebieta-EtxanoBilbao Airport
ErmuaBilbao Airport
FuenterrabiaSan Sebastian Airport
BergaraVitoria/Foronda Airport
AzpeitiaSan Sebastian Airport
AndoainSan Sebastian Airport
BeasainVitoria/Foronda Airport
ArrigorriagaBilbao Airport
SopelanaBilbao Airport
OnateVitoria/Foronda Airport
ElgoibarBilbao Airport
AzkoitiaSan Sebastian Airport
ZumarragaVitoria/Foronda Airport
OndarroaBilbao Airport
AmurrioBilbao Airport
ZierbenaBilbao Airport
ZumaiaSan Sebastian Airport
UrtuellaBilbao Airport
El CorrilloBilbao Airport
LekeitioBilbao Airport
ElorrioVitoria/Foronda Airport
AretxabaletaVitoria/Foronda Airport
GuenesBilbao Airport
BerangoBilbao Airport
LezoSan Sebastian Airport
UrnietaSan Sebastian Airport
VillabonaSan Sebastian Airport
UsurbilSan Sebastian Airport
DebaBilbao Airport
DerioBilbao Airport
CityNearest Airport
Gorliz-ElexaldeBilbao Airport
MutrikuBilbao Airport
OrioSan Sebastian Airport
BerrizBilbao Airport
AstigarragaSan Sebastian Airport
SalvatierraVitoria/Foronda Airport
UrdunaVitoria/Foronda Airport
EskoriatzaVitoria/Foronda Airport
ZamudioBilbao Airport
LandaBilbao Airport
OyonVitoria/Foronda Airport
GetariaSan Sebastian Airport
MurguiaVitoria/Foronda Airport
UrrestietaBilbao Airport
LezamaVitoria/Foronda Airport
IdiazabalVitoria/Foronda Airport
EaBilbao Airport
Busturi-AxpeBilbao Airport
MendaroBilbao Airport
ZaratamoBilbao Airport
ArayaVitoria/Foronda Airport
AtaunVitoria/Foronda Airport
LaguardiaVitoria/Foronda Airport
GatikaBilbao Airport
AsteasuSan Sebastian Airport
LabastidaVitoria/Foronda Airport
LegorretaSan Sebastian Airport
SeguraVitoria/Foronda Airport
ZeanuriVitoria/Foronda Airport
IruraSan Sebastian Airport
BerriatuaBilbao Airport
Villanueva de ValdegoviaVitoria/Foronda Airport
ForuaBilbao Airport
Erandio Goikoa - La Campa, ErandioBilbao Airport
OlaberriaVitoria/Foronda Airport
ElciegoVitoria/Foronda Airport
Lapuebla de LabarcaVitoria/Foronda Airport
Galdames BeitiaBilbao Airport
Plaza de Castillo-ElejabeitiaBilbao Airport
LanciegoVitoria/Foronda Airport
IpazterBilbao Airport
AizarnazabalSan Sebastian Airport
BerrosteguietaVitoria/Foronda Airport
BerrobiSan Sebastian Airport
IbarrangeluBilbao Airport
BernedoVitoria/Foronda Airport
La Puebla de ArganzonVitoria/Foronda Airport
ElburgoVitoria/Foronda Airport
BerantevillaVitoria/Foronda Airport
ManariaBilbao Airport