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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Spain for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
ZaragozaZaragoza Air Base
DeliciasZaragoza Air Base
HuescaZaragoza Air Base
TeruelCastellón-Costa Azahar Airport
Oliver-Valdefierro, Oliver, ValdefierroZaragoza Air Base
AlmozaraZaragoza Air Base
CalatayudZaragoza Air Base
MontecanalZaragoza Air Base
Ejea de los CaballerosZaragoza Air Base
BarbastroLleida-Alguaire Airport
MonzonLleida-Alguaire Airport
AlcanizLleida-Alguaire Airport
UteboZaragoza Air Base
FragaLleida-Alguaire Airport
JacaPamplona Airport
TarazonaZaragoza Air Base
SabinanigoPamplona Airport
BinefarLleida-Alguaire Airport
CaspeLleida-Alguaire Airport
AndorraZaragoza Air Base
TausteZaragoza Air Base
La Almunia de Dona GodinaZaragoza Air Base
AlagonZaragoza Air Base
ZueraZaragoza Air Base
BorjaZaragoza Air Base
CalamochaZaragoza Air Base
Fuentes de EbroZaragoza Air Base
EpilaZaragoza Air Base
SarinenaLleida-Alguaire Airport
Villanueva de GallegoZaragoza Air Base
Tamarit de Llitera / Tamarite de LiteraLleida-Alguaire Airport
CalandaCastellón-Costa Azahar Airport
CarinenaZaragoza Air Base
AlcorisaCastellón-Costa Azahar Airport
Puebla de AlfindenZaragoza Air Base
GrausLleida-Alguaire Airport
IlluecaZaragoza Air Base
MallenZaragoza Air Base
UtrillasZaragoza Air Base
CalatoraoZaragoza Air Base
PedrolaZaragoza Air Base
GallurZaragoza Air Base
Cuarte de HuervaZaragoza Air Base
CellaCastellón-Costa Azahar Airport
RiclaZaragoza Air Base
Maria de HuervaZaragoza Air Base
Mequinensa / MequinenzaLleida-Alguaire Airport
San Mateo de GallegoZaragoza Air Base
AlmudebarZaragoza Air Base
Monreal del CampoZaragoza Air Base
CityNearest Airport
Pina de EbroZaragoza Air Base
PinsequeZaragoza Air Base
CadreteZaragoza Air Base
BenasqueLleida-Alguaire Airport
DarocaZaragoza Air Base
Albalate del ArzobispoZaragoza Air Base
ValderrobresCastellón-Costa Azahar Airport
AtecaZaragoza Air Base
Brea de AragonZaragoza Air Base
QuintoZaragoza Air Base
MaellaLleida-Alguaire Airport
GranenZaragoza Air Base
HijarZaragoza Air Base
SadabaPamplona Airport
El Burgo de EbroZaragoza Air Base
AlfajarinZaragoza Air Base
Gurrea de GallegoZaragoza Air Base
Saidi / ZaidinLleida-Alguaire Airport
BinacedLleida-Alguaire Airport
BelchiteZaragoza Air Base
AlfamenZaragoza Air Base
AinsaLleida-Alguaire Airport
MontalbanZaragoza Air Base
Torres de BerrellenZaragoza Air Base
Mora de RubielosCastellón-Costa Azahar Airport
LanajaZaragoza Air Base
el Torrico / AltorriconLleida-Alguaire Airport
Mas de las MatasCastellón-Costa Azahar Airport
BelverLleida-Alguaire Airport
Morata de JalonZaragoza Air Base
ArizaZaragoza Air Base
SastagoZaragoza Air Base
Sallent de GallegoPamplona Airport
LecinenaZaragoza Air Base
Alcolea de CincaLleida-Alguaire Airport
AinzonZaragoza Air Base
GelsaZaragoza Air Base
FabaraLleida-Alguaire Airport
RemolinosZaragoza Air Base
Albalate de CincaLleida-Alguaire Airport
BiotaZaragoza Air Base
Santa EulaliaCastellón-Costa Azahar Airport
Alhama de AragonZaragoza Air Base
MuelZaragoza Air Base
EscatronZaragoza Air Base
MagallonZaragoza Air Base
FigueruelasZaragoza Air Base
CalaceiteReus Air Base
Benavarri / BenabarreLleida-Alguaire Airport
EscuchaZaragoza Air Base