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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Spain for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
VigoVigo Airport
A CorunaA Coruña Airport
OurenseVigo Airport
Santiago de CompostelaSantiago de Compostela Airport
LugoSantiago de Compostela Airport
PontevedraVigo Airport
FerrolA Coruña Airport
Vilagarcia de ArousaVigo Airport
NaronA Coruña Airport
OleirosA Coruña Airport
CarballoA Coruña Airport
RedondelaVigo Airport
MarinVigo Airport
ArteixoA Coruña Airport
CulleredoA Coruña Airport
CangasVigo Airport
A EstradaSantiago de Compostela Airport
PuenteareasVigo Airport
AmesSantiago de Compostela Airport
CambreA Coruña Airport
LalinSantiago de Compostela Airport
Monforte de LemosSantiago de Compostela Airport
MoanaVigo Airport
BoiroSantiago de Compostela Airport
NigranVigo Airport
TeoSantiago de Compostela Airport
PorrinoVigo Airport
SangenjoVigo Airport
TuiVigo Airport
VilalbaA Coruña Airport
ViveiroA Coruña Airport
PoioVigo Airport
FeneA Coruña Airport
VerinVigo Airport
CambadosVigo Airport
O Barco de ValdeorrasLeon Airport
BetanzosA Coruña Airport
SarriaSantiago de Compostela Airport
SadaA Coruña Airport
BueuVigo Airport
OrdesSantiago de Compostela Airport
GondomarVigo Airport
TominoVigo Airport
RianxoSantiago de Compostela Airport
BaionaVigo Airport
O GroveVigo Airport
LarachaA Coruña Airport
Santa CombaSantiago de Compostela Airport
Vilanova de ArousaVigo Airport
Pobra do CaraminalVigo Airport
CityNearest Airport
MurosSantiago de Compostela Airport
Xinzo de LimiaVigo Airport
FozA Coruña Airport
RibadeoAsturias Airport
ChantadaSantiago de Compostela Airport
PadronSantiago de Compostela Airport
SilledaSantiago de Compostela Airport
Burela de CaboA Coruña Airport
OutesSantiago de Compostela Airport
CoristancoA Coruña Airport
Santa Marta de OrtigueiraA Coruña Airport
CedeiraA Coruña Airport
CeeSantiago de Compostela Airport
ValdovinoA Coruña Airport
MalpicaA Coruña Airport
ArzuaSantiago de Compostela Airport
NegreiraSantiago de Compostela Airport
BergondoA Coruña Airport
CamarinasSantiago de Compostela Airport
OrosoSantiago de Compostela Airport
ValgaSantiago de Compostela Airport
CelanovaVigo Airport
GuitirizA Coruña Airport
RosalVigo Airport
CastroSantiago de Compostela Airport
AbegondoA Coruña Airport
CarralA Coruña Airport
MazaricosSantiago de Compostela Airport
MugardosA Coruña Airport
MeanoVigo Airport
RibadaviaVigo Airport
Pereiro de AguiarVigo Airport
CuntisSantiago de Compostela Airport
AllarizVigo Airport
AresA Coruña Airport
MondarizVigo Airport
CarnotaSantiago de Compostela Airport
MinoA Coruña Airport
VedraSantiago de Compostela Airport
FonsagradaAsturias Airport
MeisVigo Airport
La RuaLeon Airport
CervoA Coruña Airport
MondonedoA Coruña Airport
CarinoA Coruña Airport
OuteiroA Coruña Airport
TouroSantiago de Compostela Airport
FriolSantiago de Compostela Airport
CurtisA Coruña Airport
CorgoSantiago de Compostela Airport