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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Spain for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
BadajozBadajoz Airport
CaceresBadajoz Airport
MeridaBadajoz Airport
Don BenitoBadajoz Airport
AlmendralejoBadajoz Airport
Villanueva de la SerenaBadajoz Airport
Navalmoral de la MataSalamanca Airport
ZafraBadajoz Airport
MontijoBadajoz Airport
CoriaBadajoz Airport
Villafranca de los BarrosBadajoz Airport
OlivenzaBadajoz Airport
TalayuelaSalamanca Airport
MiajadasBadajoz Airport
TrujilloBadajoz Airport
AzuagaCórdoba Airport
MoralejaBadajoz Airport
Los Santos de MaimonaBadajoz Airport
GuarenaBadajoz Airport
CastueraBadajoz Airport
Fuente del MaestreBadajoz Airport
Jaraiz de la VeraSalamanca Airport
Arroyo de la LuzBadajoz Airport
Valencia de AlcantaraBadajoz Airport
CalamonteBadajoz Airport
LlerenaSevilla Airport
MontehermosoSalamanca Airport
Oliva de la FronteraBadajoz Airport
AlburquerqueBadajoz Airport
Puebla de la CalzadaBadajoz Airport
Cabeza del BueyCórdoba Airport
CampanarioBadajoz Airport
AceuchalBadajoz Airport
Quintana de la SerenaBadajoz Airport
Fregenal de la SierraBadajoz Airport
Talavera la RealBadajoz Airport
Fuente de CantosBadajoz Airport
Casar de CaceresBadajoz Airport
Navalvillar de PelaBadajoz Airport
MonesterioSevilla Airport
Malpartida de CaceresBadajoz Airport
Santa AmaliaBadajoz Airport
Malpartida de PlasenciaSalamanca Airport
Zalamea de la SerenaBadajoz Airport
Santa MartaBadajoz Airport
Arroyo de San ServanBadajoz Airport
Valverde de LeganesBadajoz Airport
HervasSalamanca Airport
HornachosBadajoz Airport
BarcarrotaBadajoz Airport
CityNearest Airport
Herrera del DuqueCórdoba Airport
TalarrubiasCórdoba Airport
Villanueva del FresnoBadajoz Airport
Zarza de AlangeBadajoz Airport
TorrejoncilloBadajoz Airport
Ribera del FresnoBadajoz Airport
Orellana la ViejaBadajoz Airport
Burguillos del CerroBadajoz Airport
Losar de la VeraSalamanca Airport
Jarandilla de la VeraSalamanca Airport
AlcuescarBadajoz Airport
ZahinosBadajoz Airport
MadroneraBadajoz Airport
Puebla de Sancho PerezBadajoz Airport
Monterrubio de la SerenaCórdoba Airport
Fuentes de LeonSevilla Airport
BerlangaSevilla Airport
LobonBadajoz Airport
Solana de los BarrosBadajoz Airport
Valverde del FresnoSalamanca Airport
La GarrovillaBadajoz Airport
Higuera la RealBadajoz Airport
Granja de TorrehermosaCórdoba Airport
GarrovillasBadajoz Airport
BienvenidaBadajoz Airport
MedellinBadajoz Airport
Aldeanueva de la VeraSalamanca Airport
La CoronadaBadajoz Airport
Villar del ReyBadajoz Airport
GuadalupeBadajoz Airport
Valencia del VentosoBadajoz Airport
SiruelaCórdoba Airport
LogrosanBadajoz Airport
La CodoseraBadajoz Airport
Cabezuela del ValleSalamanca Airport
Segura de LeonBadajoz Airport
SalvaleonBadajoz Airport
Villanueva de la VeraSalamanca Airport
Higuera de VargasBadajoz Airport
NavaconcejoSalamanca Airport
BrozasBadajoz Airport
MadrigalejoBadajoz Airport
CeclavinBadajoz Airport
AlmoharinBadajoz Airport
GalisteoSalamanca Airport
AlangeBadajoz Airport
MontanchezBadajoz Airport
Puebla de ObandoBadajoz Airport
UsagreBadajoz Airport
AlconchelBadajoz Airport