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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Spain for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
SantanderSantander Airport
TorrelavegaSantander Airport
CamargoSantander Airport
Castro-UrdialesBilbao Airport
El AstilleroSantander Airport
CorveraSantander Airport
LaredoSantander Airport
SantonaSantander Airport
Los Corrales de BuelnaSantander Airport
ReinosaSantander Airport
Santa Cruz de BezanaSantander Airport
Cabezon de la SalSantander Airport
ReocinSantander Airport
ColindresSantander Airport
SuancesSantander Airport
Santa Maria de CayonSantander Airport
San Vicente de la BarqueraSantander Airport
SantillanaSantander Airport
MiengoSantander Airport
CartesSantander Airport
AmpueroSantander Airport
VillaescusaSantander Airport
Barcena de CiceroSantander Airport
Puente ViesgoSantander Airport
ComillasSantander Airport
Ramales de la VictoriaSantander Airport
NojaSantander Airport
SelayaSantander Airport
LuzmelaSantander Airport
Arenas de IgunaSantander Airport
BareyoSantander Airport
MolledoSantander Airport
VillacarriedoSantander Airport
PenagosSantander Airport
LimpiasSantander Airport
San Miguel de MerueloSantander Airport
ArgonosSantander Airport
Santiurde de ToranzoSantander Airport
MataporqueraSantander Airport
Hazas de CestoSantander Airport
San Martin de ElinesBurgos Airport
VillafufreSantander Airport
SolorzanoSantander Airport
RuenteSantander Airport
Vega de PasSantander Airport
RasinesSantander Airport
Barcena de Pie de ConchaSantander Airport
Barrio de la IglesiaSantander Airport
EscalanteSantander Airport
San Pedro del RomeralSantander Airport
CityNearest Airport
ArredondoSantander Airport
SaroSantander Airport
San Roque de RiomieraSantander Airport
Los TojosSantander Airport
Pesaguero-La ParteSantander Airport
Santiurde de ReinosaSantander Airport
Valdeprado del RioSantander Airport
Las RozasSantander Airport
ArijaSantander Airport
RetortilloSantander Airport
San Miguel de AguayoSantander Airport
La SernaSantander Airport
PesqueraSantander Airport
BerzosillaBurgos Airport
Castrillo de ValdelomarBurgos Airport
Fuente DeSantander Airport
Santa Maria de ValverdeBurgos Airport
ElgueraSantander Airport
El BocalSantander Airport
MolinoSantander Airport
AbanillasSantander Airport
AbanoSantander Airport
AbiadaSantander Airport
AbionzoSantander Airport
AceredaSantander Airport
AdalSantander Airport
AdinoBilbao Airport
AesSantander Airport
AgueroSantander Airport
AhedoSantander Airport
AjaSantander Airport
AjanedoSantander Airport
AjoSantander Airport
AlcedaSantander Airport
AldanoSantander Airport
Aldea de EbroSantander Airport
AlduesoSantander Airport
AliezoSantander Airport
AllendeSantander Airport
AllendelaguaBilbao Airport
Allen del HoyoSantander Airport
AlonosSantander Airport
AmbroseroSantander Airport
AnazSantander Airport
AncilloSantander Airport
AneroSantander Airport
AngostinaBilbao Airport
AngustinaSantander Airport
AngustinaSantander Airport
AniezoSantander Airport