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Note: Data of all the airports in the Autonomous Region of Navarre, Spain may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Spain for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
PamplonaPamplona Airport
TudelaZaragoza Air Base
BaranainPamplona Airport
BurlataPamplona Airport
EstellaPamplona Airport
TafallaPamplona Airport
AtarrabiaPamplona Airport
BerriozarPamplona Airport
CorellaPamplona Airport
AltsasuPamplona Airport
CintruenigoPamplona Airport
PeraltaPamplona Airport
SanguesaPamplona Airport
LodosaPamplona Airport
ElorzPamplona Airport
Egues-UhartePamplona Airport
MendaviaPamplona Airport
BeraSan Sebastian Airport
CastejonPamplona Airport
OlitePamplona Airport
RibaforadaZaragoza Air Base
MurchanteZaragoza Air Base
BeriainPamplona Airport
MilagroPamplona Airport
AndosillaPamplona Airport
VillafrancaPamplona Airport
CarcastilloPamplona Airport
MarcillaPamplona Airport
FalcesPamplona Airport
Puente la ReinaPamplona Airport
FustinanaZaragoza Air Base
CaparrosoPamplona Airport
ValtierraPamplona Airport
Echarri-AranazPamplona Airport
FunesPamplona Airport
BunuelZaragoza Air Base
ArguedasPamplona Airport
FiteroZaragoza Air Base
AoizPamplona Airport
OrkoienPamplona Airport
LarragaPamplona Airport
BerriobeitiPamplona Airport
LerinPamplona Airport
OlazagutiaVitoria/Foronda Airport
ArtajonaPamplona Airport
DoneztebeSan Sebastian Airport
YerriPamplona Airport
LumbierPamplona Airport
GalarPamplona Airport
SesmaPamplona Airport
CityNearest Airport
SartagudaPamplona Airport
OltzaPamplona Airport
AyeguiPamplona Airport
Los ArcosPamplona Airport
ArronizPamplona Airport
AlloPamplona Airport
CarcarPamplona Airport
MendigorriaPamplona Airport
CasedaPamplona Airport
VillatuertaPamplona Airport
SantacaraPamplona Airport
Miranda de ArgaPamplona Airport
ArbizuPamplona Airport
AibarPamplona Airport
ObanosPamplona Airport
ZudairePamplona Airport
FontellasZaragoza Air Base
GoizuetaSan Sebastian Airport
MelidaPamplona Airport
Murillo el FrutoPamplona Airport
ErroibarPamplona Airport
ItzaPamplona Airport
BerbinzanaPamplona Airport
DicastilloPamplona Airport
Murillo el CuendePamplona Airport
OchagaviaPamplona Airport
PitillasPamplona Airport
UrdiainPamplona Airport
BarasoainPamplona Airport
AbarzuzaPamplona Airport
IsabaPamplona Airport
CirauquiPamplona Airport
IturenSan Sebastian Airport
EchauriPamplona Airport
GarinoainPamplona Airport
LuzaidePamplona Airport
San Martin de UnxPamplona Airport
DonamariaSan Sebastian Airport
AncinPamplona Airport
UrrozPamplona Airport
IturmendiPamplona Airport
ManeruPamplona Airport
BargotaVitoria/Foronda Airport
IguzquizaPamplona Airport
MonrealPamplona Airport
UrdazubiSan Sebastian Airport
EscarozPamplona Airport
MendazaVitoria/Foronda Airport
LiedenaPamplona Airport
EulateVitoria/Foronda Airport