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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Spain for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
GijonAsturias Airport
OviedoAsturias Airport
AvilesAsturias Airport
Pola de SieroAsturias Airport
SamaAsturias Airport
MieresAsturias Airport
CastrillonAsturias Airport
Cangas del NarceaAsturias Airport
Pola de LavianaAsturias Airport
VillaviciosaAsturias Airport
LugonesAsturias Airport
Rio AllerLeon Airport
LlaneraAsturias Airport
Pola de LenaAsturias Airport
LlanesSantander Airport
TineoAsturias Airport
GradoAsturias Airport
LuancoAsturias Airport
NaviaAsturias Airport
PilonaAsturias Airport
Cangas de OnisAsturias Airport
SalasAsturias Airport
RibadesellaAsturias Airport
CudilleroAsturias Airport
ParresAsturias Airport
NorenaAsturias Airport
VegadeoAsturias Airport
Tapia de CasariegoAsturias Airport
Soto del BarcoAsturias Airport
El FrancoAsturias Airport
ColungaAsturias Airport
CoanaAsturias Airport
CastandielloAsturias Airport
CarrenaSantander Airport
Pola de AllandeAsturias Airport
BoalAsturias Airport
Campo de CasoAsturias Airport
Muros de NalonAsturias Airport
ArribaAsturias Airport
La PlazaAsturias Airport
BelmonteAsturias Airport
BimenesAsturias Airport
San AntolinAsturias Airport
VillayonAsturias Airport
Pola de SomiedoAsturias Airport
BarzanaAsturias Airport
SariegoAsturias Airport
Grandas de SalimeAsturias Airport
Santa EulaliaAsturias Airport
IllasAsturias Airport
CityNearest Airport
AmievaAsturias Airport
OnisAsturias Airport
TaramundiAsturias Airport
ProazaAsturias Airport
IllanoAsturias Airport
Santa Eulalia de OscosAsturias Airport
CaraviaAsturias Airport
San Martin de OscosAsturias Airport
Villanueva de OscosAsturias Airport
PesozAsturias Airport
Urbanizacion Playa de VerdicioAsturias Airport
FiameAsturias Airport
Villanueva de PriaAsturias Airport
La MolinucaSantander Airport
NiseriasSantander Airport
BesnesSantander Airport
La PlantaAsturias Airport
La ArqueraSantander Airport
La CalzadaAsturias Airport
ZeluanAsturias Airport
RaicesAsturias Airport
La MagdalenaAsturias Airport
AballeAsturias Airport
AbamiaAsturias Airport
AbancenaAsturias Airport
AbandamesSantander Airport
AbangoAsturias Airport
AbaniellaAsturias Airport
AbantroAsturias Airport
AbayuAsturias Airport
AbedulAsturias Airport
AbedulesAsturias Airport
AbeoAsturias Airport
AbiegosLeon Airport
Ablana de AbajoAsturias Airport
Ablana de ArribaAsturias Airport
AblanedaAsturias Airport
AblanedaAsturias Airport
AblanedoAsturias Airport
AblanedoAsturias Airport
AblanedoAsturias Airport
AblanedoAsturias Airport
AblesAsturias Airport
AbonoAsturias Airport
AbraidoAsturias Airport
AbresAsturias Airport
AcebalAsturias Airport
AcebalAsturias Airport
AcebalAsturias Airport
AcebalSantander Airport