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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Spain for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
MurciaAlcantarilla Airport
CartagenaSan Javier Airport
LorcaAlcantarilla Airport
Molina de SeguraAlcantarilla Airport
AlcantarillaAlcantarilla Airport
CiezaAlcantarilla Airport
YeclaAlicante International Airport
AguilasCorvera/Murcia International Airport
MazarronCorvera/Murcia International Airport
Torre-PachecoSan Javier Airport
TotanaAlcantarilla Airport
San JavierSan Javier Airport
CaravacaAlcantarilla Airport
JumillaAlcantarilla Airport
San Pedro del PinatarSan Javier Airport
Alhama de MurciaAlcantarilla Airport
Las Torres de CotillasAlcantarilla Airport
ArchenaAlcantarilla Airport
MulaAlcantarilla Airport
La UnionSan Javier Airport
CeheginAlcantarilla Airport
Fuente-Alamo de MurciaCorvera/Murcia International Airport
SantomeraAlcantarilla Airport
AbaranAlcantarilla Airport
Los AlcazaresSan Javier Airport
LumbrerasCorvera/Murcia International Airport
BullasAlcantarilla Airport
CalasparraAlcantarilla Airport
CeutiAlcantarilla Airport
MoratallaAlcantarilla Airport
FortunaAlcantarilla Airport
AlguazasAlcantarilla Airport
LorquiAlcantarilla Airport
AbanillaAlcantarilla Airport
BlancaAlcantarilla Airport
LibrillaAlcantarilla Airport
PliegoAlcantarilla Airport
Campos del RioAlcantarilla Airport
AlbudeiteAlcantarilla Airport
RicoteAlcantarilla Airport
AledoAlcantarilla Airport
UleaAlcantarilla Airport
OjosAlcantarilla Airport
Urbanizacion San GinesCorvera/Murcia International Airport
La Manga del Mar MenorSan Javier Airport
Barrio de la ConcepcionCorvera/Murcia International Airport
JorelCorvera/Murcia International Airport
AtalayonCorvera/Murcia International Airport
AlaguecesAlcantarilla Airport
AlbujonCorvera/Murcia International Airport
CityNearest Airport
AlgaidaAlcantarilla Airport
AlgarSan Javier Airport
AlgezaresAlcantarilla Airport
AljucerAlcantarilla Airport
AlmagrosCorvera/Murcia International Airport
AlmendricosCorvera/Murcia International Airport
AlmudenaAlcantarilla Airport
AlporchonesCorvera/Murcia International Airport
AlqueriasAlcantarilla Airport
AlticoAlcantarilla Airport
AlumbresSan Javier Airport
ArabiAlbacete-Los Llanos Airport
ArchivelAlcantarilla Airport
Arrabal de BenablonAlcantarilla Airport
Arrabel de la EncarnacionAlcantarilla Airport
ArrayanAlcantarilla Airport
Arroyo BlancoAlcantarilla Airport
AtamariaSan Javier Airport
AvilesAlcantarilla Airport
AvilesesSan Javier Airport
AzaraqueAlcantarilla Airport
BaldazosCorvera/Murcia International Airport
BalongaAlcantarilla Airport
Balsa-PintadaCorvera/Murcia International Airport
BalsicasSan Javier Airport
BarinasAlcantarilla Airport
BarquerosAlcantarilla Airport
Barranco del AtalayonCorvera/Murcia International Airport
Barranco de los AsensiosCorvera/Murcia International Airport
Barranco de los HilariosAlcantarilla Airport
Barranco de los LobosCorvera/Murcia International Airport
Barranco de SecaCorvera/Murcia International Airport
BarrandaAlcantarilla Airport
Barrio de la ConcepcionCorvera/Murcia International Airport
Barrio de PeralSan Javier Airport
Barrio Los JeronimosAlcantarilla Airport
BealSan Javier Airport
BenablonAlcantarilla Airport
Benamor de AbajoAlcantarilla Airport
BeniajanAlcantarilla Airport
BernalSan Javier Airport
BolnuevoCorvera/Murcia International Airport
BureteAlcantarilla Airport
Cabezo de la PlataAlcantarilla Airport
Cabezo de TorresAlcantarilla Airport
Cabo de PalosSan Javier Airport
CalabardinaCorvera/Murcia International Airport
Calar de la SantaAlcantarilla Airport
Cala ReonaSan Javier Airport
CalderonesAlcantarilla Airport