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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Spain for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
LogronoVitoria/Foronda Airport
Arnedo, La RiojaPamplona Airport
HaroVitoria/Foronda Airport
AlfaroPamplona Airport
NajeraVitoria/Foronda Airport
Santo Domingo de la CalzadaVitoria/Foronda Airport
LarderoVitoria/Foronda Airport
San AdrianPamplona Airport
AutolPamplona Airport
Villamediana de IreguaVitoria/Foronda Airport
AzagraPamplona Airport
PradejonPamplona Airport
Rincon de SotoPamplona Airport
Cervera del Rio AlhamaZaragoza Air Base
FuenmayorVitoria/Foronda Airport
Albelda de IreguaVitoria/Foronda Airport
Aldeanueva de EbroPamplona Airport
AlberiteVitoria/Foronda Airport
CadreitaPamplona Airport
EzcarayBurgos Airport
CeniceroVitoria/Foronda Airport
QuelPamplona Airport
Banos de Rio TobiaVitoria/Foronda Airport
CasalarreinaVitoria/Foronda Airport
San AsensioVitoria/Foronda Airport
EntrenaVitoria/Foronda Airport
Murillo de Rio LezaVitoria/Foronda Airport
San Vicente de la SonsierraVitoria/Foronda Airport
RibaflechaVitoria/Foronda Airport
AgoncilloVitoria/Foronda Airport
NaldaVitoria/Foronda Airport
HuercanosVitoria/Foronda Airport
AusejoPamplona Airport
BrionesVitoria/Foronda Airport
UrunuelaVitoria/Foronda Airport
AlcanadrePamplona Airport
IgeaPamplona Airport
Aguilar del Rio AlhamaZaragoza Air Base
BadaranVitoria/Foronda Airport
El Villar de ArnedoPamplona Airport
Torrecilla en CamerosVitoria/Foronda Airport
Lagunilla del JuberaVitoria/Foronda Airport
CornagoPamplona Airport
AnguianoVitoria/Foronda Airport
ArrubalPamplona Airport
ArnedilloPamplona Airport
HormillaVitoria/Foronda Airport
AlesancoVitoria/Foronda Airport
VigueraVitoria/Foronda Airport
Castanares de RiojaVitoria/Foronda Airport
CityNearest Airport
OconPamplona Airport
Villoslada de CamerosBurgos Airport
TudelillaPamplona Airport
TricioVitoria/Foronda Airport
GranonBurgos Airport
HercePamplona Airport
BanaresVitoria/Foronda Airport
AngucianaVitoria/Foronda Airport
RodeznoVitoria/Foronda Airport
SamaniegoVitoria/Foronda Airport
GalileaPamplona Airport
AbalosVitoria/Foronda Airport
San Millan de la CogollaBurgos Airport
OllauriVitoria/Foronda Airport
AzofraVitoria/Foronda Airport
TirgoVitoria/Foronda Airport
LeivaBurgos Airport
ClavijoVitoria/Foronda Airport
CoreraPamplona Airport
Villar de TorreVitoria/Foronda Airport
Arenzana de AbajoVitoria/Foronda Airport
SorzanoVitoria/Foronda Airport
ZarratonVitoria/Foronda Airport
GravalosPamplona Airport
BrinasVitoria/Foronda Airport
TrevianaVitoria/Foronda Airport
OjacastroBurgos Airport
CordovinVitoria/Foronda Airport
MedranoVitoria/Foronda Airport
PrejanoPamplona Airport
El RedalPamplona Airport
CardenasVitoria/Foronda Airport
HormillejaVitoria/Foronda Airport
Villarta-QuintanaBurgos Airport
SanturdejoBurgos Airport
Soto en CamerosVitoria/Foronda Airport
Villalba de RiojaVitoria/Foronda Airport
CihuriVitoria/Foronda Airport
MatuteVitoria/Foronda Airport
FonzalecheVitoria/Foronda Airport
Laguna de CamerosVitoria/Foronda Airport
Nieva de CamerosVitoria/Foronda Airport
ValganonBurgos Airport
San Roman de CamerosVitoria/Foronda Airport
BergasaPamplona Airport
EncisoPamplona Airport
El RasilloVitoria/Foronda Airport
CanasVitoria/Foronda Airport
GimileoVitoria/Foronda Airport
VentosaVitoria/Foronda Airport