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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Portugal for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
ViseuViseu Airport
LamegoVila Real Airport
Rio de LobaViseu Airport
AbravesesViseu Airport
MangualdeViseu Airport
Castro DaireViseu Airport
CampoViseu Airport
TondelaViseu Airport
NelasViseu Airport
Sao Pedro do SulViseu Airport
SataoViseu Airport
Sete FontesViseu Airport
AbegoesViseu Airport
AbelheiraViseu Airport
AbrunhosaViseu Airport
AbrunhosaViseu Airport
Abrunhosa-a-VelhaViseu Airport
AdcamoViseu Airport
A de BarrosViseu Airport
AdecideViseu Airport
Adega do ChaoVila Real Airport
AdenodeiroViseu Airport
A do BispoVila Real Airport
AdopiscoViseu Airport
AdorigoVila Real Airport
AgraVila Real Airport
Agua de AlteViseu Airport
Agua LevadaViseu Airport
Aguas BoasViseu Airport
AguieiraViseu Airport
AlbitelheViseu Airport
AlcafacheViseu Airport
AlcofraViseu Airport
AldeiaViseu Airport
AldeiaVila Real Airport
AldeiaVila Real Airport
Aldeia das PossesViseu Airport
Aldeia de BaixoVila Real Airport
Aldeia de CarvalhoViseu Airport
Aldeia de CimaVila Real Airport
Aldeia de NacombaViseu Airport
Aldeia de Soito de VideViseu Airport
Aldeia de VilarViseu Airport
Aldeia NovaViseu Airport
Aldeia NovaViseu Airport
Alem do RioViseu Airport
AlgerazViseu Airport
AlguieiraViseu Airport
AlhaisViseu Airport
Alhais de CimaViseu Airport
CityNearest Airport
AlhoesViseu Airport
AlmacaCoimbra Airport
AlmacinhaCoimbra Airport
AlmargemViseu Airport
AlmeidinhaViseu Airport
AlmodofaVila Real Airport
AlmofalaViseu Airport
AlmofalaViseu Airport
AlufinhaVila Real Airport
AlvaViseu Airport
AlvarelhosViseu Airport
AlvarimViseu Airport
AlvelosVila Real Airport
AlviteViseu Airport
AmeaisViseu Airport
AmeixasViseu Airport
AmeixiosaViseu Airport
AmialViseu Airport
AmoreirasVila Real Airport
AngorezVila Real Airport
AnreadeVila Real Airport
AntasViseu Airport
AntasVila Real Airport
AntasViseu Airport
AntelasViseu Airport
ArcaViseu Airport
ArcasVila Real Airport
ArcasVila Real Airport
ArcosVila Real Airport
ArcozeloViseu Airport
Arcozelo das MaiasViseu Airport
Arcozelo da TorreVila Real Airport
Arcozelo do CaboVila Real Airport
ArguedeiraVila Real Airport
AriceraVila Real Airport
ArizViseu Airport
ArmamarVila Real Airport
ArnasViseu Airport
ArneirosVila Real Airport
ArnosaViseu Airport
ArrancosaVila Real Airport
ArrifanaViseu Airport
ArrujoOvar Airport
AvelalViseu Airport
AveledaVila Real Airport
AvelosoViseu Airport
AvinjesViseu Airport
AvitouroVila Real Airport
AvoesVila Real Airport
AzenhaViseu Airport