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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Portugal for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
LisbonLisbon Portela Airport
AmadoraLisbon Portela Airport
QueluzLisbon Portela Airport
CacemSintra Airport
LouresLisbon Portela Airport
Rio de MouroSintra Airport
OdivelasLisbon Portela Airport
Sao Domingos de RanaSintra Airport
CascaisSintra Airport
AlcabidecheSintra Airport
Povoa de Santa IriaAlverca Airport
SintraSintra Airport
Paco de ArcosSintra Airport
Torres VedrasOta Airport
CarnaxideLisbon Portela Airport
Monte EstorilSintra Airport
PontinhaLisbon Portela Airport
BelasSintra Airport
Linda-a-VelhaLisbon Portela Airport
CarcavelosSintra Airport
CamarateLisbon Portela Airport
AlgesLisbon Portela Airport
Sao Joao da TalhaLisbon Portela Airport
Santa Iria da AzoiaAlverca Airport
Vila Franca de XiraAlverca Airport
SacavemLisbon Portela Airport
RamadaLisbon Portela Airport
ParedeSintra Airport
VialongaAlverca Airport
Povoa de Santo AdriaoLisbon Portela Airport
Porto SalvoSintra Airport
MafraSintra Airport
BarcarenaSintra Airport
MoscavideLisbon Portela Airport
CanecasLisbon Portela Airport
UnhosLisbon Portela Airport
Sao Joao das LampasSintra Airport
CarregadoOta Airport
AlenquerOta Airport
FamoesLisbon Portela Airport
LourinhaOta Airport
QuejasLisbon Portela Airport
BobadelaLisbon Portela Airport
AlmargemSintra Airport
ColaresSintra Airport
Castanheira do RibatejoOta Airport
EriceiraSintra Airport
AlhandraAlverca Airport
ApelacaoLisbon Portela Airport
AzambujaOta Airport
CityNearest Airport
SilveiraSintra Airport
A dos CunhadosOta Airport
Arruda dos VinhosAlverca Airport
Olival do BastoLisbon Portela Airport
MilharadoAlverca Airport
VentosaOta Airport
Venda do PinheiroSintra Airport
Pero PinheiroSintra Airport
Sao Joao dos MontesAlverca Airport
MalveiraSintra Airport
TerrugemSintra Airport
Aveiras de CimaOta Airport
BucelasAlverca Airport
SobralinhoAlverca Airport
Sao Pedro da CadeiraSintra Airport
Santo Antao do TojalLisbon Portela Airport
AlcoentreOta Airport
Prior VelhoLisbon Portela Airport
campo pequenoLisbon Portela Airport
Costa do EstorilSintra Airport
Sao JuliaoSintra Airport
Sao Joao do EstorilSintra Airport
AlbatrozSintra Airport
Santa MartaSintra Airport
MemoriaLisbon Portela Airport
EsteiroLisbon Portela Airport
AbadiaOta Airport
AbelheiraOta Airport
AbobadaSintra Airport
AbobreiraSintra Airport
AbrigadaOta Airport
AbrunheiraSintra Airport
AbrunheiraSintra Airport
AbrunheiraOta Airport
AbuxardaSintra Airport
AcaforaSintra Airport
A da BejaLisbon Portela Airport
A da LongaSintra Airport
Adao LoboOta Airport
A da PeraSintra Airport
A da RainhaOta Airport
AdarseAlverca Airport
A das CarreirasOta Airport
A das LebresLisbon Portela Airport
AdegaAlverca Airport
A do BacoAlverca Airport
A do FacaoSintra Airport
A do MouraoAlverca Airport
A dos ArcosAlverca Airport
A dos BisposAlverca Airport