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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Portugal for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
SequeiraCovilha Airport
CustoiasVila Real Airport
SeiaCovilha Airport
AlcainsCovilha Airport
AcoresCovilha Airport
AdaoCovilha Airport
AdeCovilha Airport
A do CavaloViseu Airport
Agua da FigueiraCovilha Airport
Aguas BelasCovilha Airport
Aguas RadiumCovilha Airport
Aguiar da BeiraViseu Airport
AguinchoCovilha Airport
AlagoasCovilha Airport
AlbardeirosCovilha Airport
AlbardoCovilha Airport
AlcarvaVila Real Airport
AlcudraViseu Airport
AldeiaViseu Airport
Aldeia da DonaCovilha Airport
Aldeia da PonteCovilha Airport
Aldeia da RibeiraCovilha Airport
Aldeia da SerraCovilha Airport
Aldeia da SerraCovilha Airport
Aldeia de Santo AntonioCovilha Airport
Aldeia de Sao MiguelCovilha Airport
Aldeia do BispoCovilha Airport
Aldeia do BispoCovilha Airport
Aldeia NovaCovilha Airport
Aldeia NovaCovilha Airport
Aldeia NovaViseu Airport
Aldeia RicaCovilha Airport
AldeiasCovilha Airport
Aldeia VelhaCovilha Airport
Aldeia VelhaViseu Airport
Aldeia VicosaCovilha Airport
AlfaiatesCovilha Airport
AlfarazesCovilha Airport
AlgodresViseu Airport
AlgodresVila Real Airport
AlmeidaCovilha Airport
AlmeidinhaCovilha Airport
AlmendraVila Real Airport
AlmofalaCovilha Airport
AlroteCovilha Airport
Alto da SapinhaVila Real Airport
AlvendreCovilha Airport
AlvercaCovilha Airport
Alvoco da SerraCovilha Airport
AmeaisCovilha Airport
CityNearest Airport
AmoreiraCovilha Airport
AmoreirasCovilha Airport
AnsulCovilha Airport
AntelaViseu Airport
ArcoCovilha Airport
ArcozeloCovilha Airport
ArcozeloViseu Airport
ArgomilCovilha Airport
AriolaVila Real Airport
ArnozeloVila Real Airport
ArrifanaCovilha Airport
ArrifanaCovilha Airport
ArrifanaCovilha Airport
AssanhasCovilha Airport
AtalaiaCovilha Airport
Avelas da RibeiraCovilha Airport
Avelas de AmbomCovilha Airport
AveleiraViseu Airport
AvelosoVila Real Airport
AzevoViseu Airport
AzinhalCovilha Airport
BadamalosCovilha Airport
BalocasCovilha Airport
BalsemaoCovilha Airport
BaracalCovilha Airport
BaracalViseu Airport
Barca d'AlvaVila Real Airport
BarranhaViseu Airport
BarregaoCovilha Airport
BarreiraVila Real Airport
BarreosaCovilha Airport
BarrocalViseu Airport
BatocasCovilha Airport
BenaventeCovilha Airport
BendadaCovilha Airport
BenesperaCovilha Airport
BenvendeViseu Airport
BismulaCovilha Airport
BizarrilCovilha Airport
Boca d'HomemViseu Airport
BogalhalViseu Airport
Bouca CovaCovilha Airport
BrocaViseu Airport
CabecaCovilha Airport
Cabeco de EirasCovilha Airport
CabraViseu Airport
CabreiraCovilha Airport
CadafazCovilha Airport
CairraoCovilha Airport
CaldeirinhasCovilha Airport