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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Portugal for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Castelo BrancoCovilha Airport
FundaoCovilha Airport
SertaTancos Airport
TeixosoCovilha Airport
Proenca-a-NovaTancos Airport
AcorCovilha Airport
AdgiraldoCovilha Airport
AdingeiroCovilha Airport
Agua AltaCovilha Airport
AguasCovilha Airport
AlcaideCovilha Airport
AlcangostaCovilha Airport
AlcariaCovilha Airport
Aldeia da Mata da RainhaCovilha Airport
Aldeia de JoanesCovilha Airport
Aldeia de Joao PiresCovilha Airport
Aldeia de Santa MargaridaCovilha Airport
Aldeia de Sao Francisco de AssisCovilha Airport
Aldeia do BispoCovilha Airport
Aldeia do CarvalhoCovilha Airport
Aldeia do MatoCovilha Airport
Aldeia do SoutoCovilha Airport
Aldeia Nova do CaboCovilha Airport
AlpedrinhaCovilha Airport
AlqueidaoCovilha Airport
AranhasCovilha Airport
AtalaiaCovilha Airport
Azenha NovaCovilha Airport
BarcoCovilha Airport
BarrocaCovilha Airport
Barroca do MercadoCovilha Airport
Barroca GrandeCovilha Airport
BelmonteCovilha Airport
BempostaCovilha Airport
BenquerencaCovilha Airport
Bogas de BaixoCovilha Airport
Bogas de CimaCovilha Airport
Bogas do MeioCovilha Airport
BoidobraCovilha Airport
BorralheiraCovilha Airport
BorralheiraCovilha Airport
BoucaCovilha Airport
BoxinosCovilha Airport
Brejas do BarcoCovilha Airport
BrejoCovilha Airport
Cabeco QueimadoCovilha Airport
CamboesCovilha Airport
CaneirosCovilha Airport
CanhosoCovilha Airport
CapinhaCovilha Airport
CityNearest Airport
CariaCovilha Airport
CarroqueiroCovilha Airport
CarvalhalCovilha Airport
CarvalhalCovilha Airport
CarvalhalCovilha Airport
Casal da FragaCovilha Airport
Casal da SerraCovilha Airport
Casal de Santa MariaCovilha Airport
CasegasCovilha Airport
Castanheira de BaixoCovilha Airport
Castanheira de CimaCovilha Airport
CastelejoCovilha Airport
Castelo NovoCovilha Airport
Catraia e CandaisCovilha Airport
CebolaCovilha Airport
CerdeiraCovilha Airport
ChaosCovilha Airport
CidralCovilha Airport
ColmealCovilha Airport
CorricaoCovilha Airport
Cortes de BaixoCovilha Airport
Cortes do MeioCovilha Airport
CorticadaCovilha Airport
CoutadaCovilha Airport
CovaCovilha Airport
DescobertoCovilha Airport
DominguizoCovilha Airport
DonasCovilha Airport
EnxabardaCovilha Airport
EnxamesCovilha Airport
EradaCovilha Airport
EscarigoCovilha Airport
EstalagemCovilha Airport
FatelaCovilha Airport
FerreiraCovilha Airport
FerroCovilha Airport
Fonte do CarvalhoCovilha Airport
FreixialCovilha Airport
GaiaCovilha Airport
GibaltarCovilha Airport
IngarnalCovilha Airport
InguiasCovilha Airport
Janeiro de CimaCovilha Airport
LadeiraCovilha Airport
LamacaisCovilha Airport
LavacolhosCovilha Airport
Lourical do CampoCovilha Airport
MacainhasCovilha Airport
MadeiraCovilha Airport
MaioraisCovilha Airport