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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Portugal for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
PortalegreTancos Airport
Santo AndreTancos Airport
Ponte de SorTancos Airport
Vale da AmoreiraTancos Airport
ElvasBeja International Airport
Campo MaiorTancos Airport
AbegoariaTancos Airport
AbodaneiraTancos Airport
AbodaneiraTancos Airport
Adega do MouchaoTancos Airport
Agua de PrataTancos Airport
AguilhaoTancos Airport
AiresTancos Airport
AlagoaTancos Airport
AlagoinhaTancos Airport
AlbarrolTancos Airport
AlcobacaBeja International Airport
Aldeia da MataTancos Airport
Aldeia das SebesTancos Airport
Aldeia do PombalBeja International Airport
Aldeia VelhaTancos Airport
AlegreteTancos Airport
AlgaleTancos Airport
AlinhavaoTancos Airport
AlmarjaoTancos Airport
AlmoinhasTancos Airport
AlmojandaTancos Airport
AlpalhaoTancos Airport
AlpedreiraBeja International Airport
Alter do ChaoTancos Airport
Alter PedrosoTancos Airport
AlvisquerTancos Airport
AmieiraTancos Airport
AmieiraTancos Airport
Amieira CovaTancos Airport
AntaTancos Airport
ApartaduraTancos Airport
ApilataTancos Airport
ApostolosTancos Airport
AramenhaTancos Airport
AreiaTancos Airport
ArezTancos Airport
ArgamassaTancos Airport
ArneirinhosTancos Airport
ArneiroTancos Airport
ArrabacaTancos Airport
ArranjinhoTancos Airport
Arrao de CimaTancos Airport
ArrepiadoTancos Airport
Arriacha FundeiraTancos Airport
CityNearest Airport
ArronchesTancos Airport
AssumarTancos Airport
AtalaiaTancos Airport
AtalaiaTancos Airport
AventosaTancos Airport
AvizTancos Airport
AzeiteirosTancos Airport
AzinhalTancos Airport
AzinhalTancos Airport
BaldioTancos Airport
BarbacenaTancos Airport
Barbas de AlhoTancos Airport
Barca da AmieiraTancos Airport
BarradinhasTancos Airport
BarreirasTancos Airport
Barreiras NovasTancos Airport
Barreiras VelhasTancos Airport
BarreirosTancos Airport
BarretosTancos Airport
BatigelasTancos Airport
BedanaisTancos Airport
BeiraTancos Airport
BeiraoTancos Airport
Belo HorizonteTancos Airport
BelverTancos Airport
BenavilaTancos Airport
BernardaTancos Airport
BesteirosTancos Airport
BiquinhaTancos Airport
Boa VistaTancos Airport
BoavistaTancos Airport
Boa VistaTancos Airport
Bom JesusTancos Airport
BrazileiraTancos Airport
BrejoTancos Airport
Cabeco de VideTancos Airport
CabecudosTancos Airport
Cabroeira do MeioTancos Airport
CacheiroTancos Airport
CadafazTancos Airport
CaiaBeja International Airport
Calicos de CimaTancos Airport
CamoesTancos Airport
CampinoTancos Airport
CanoTancos Airport
CansadoTancos Airport
CarrascalTancos Airport
CarreirasTancos Airport
CarvalhalTancos Airport
CarvalhalTancos Airport