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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Portugal for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
AveiroOvar Airport
Sao Joao da MadeiraOvar Airport
OvarOvar Airport
IlhavoOvar Airport
FeiraOvar Airport
Gafanha da NazareOvar Airport
AguedaOvar Airport
Oliveira de AzemeisOvar Airport
EsmorizOvar Airport
CucujaesOvar Airport
LourosaOvar Airport
Sao Joao de VerOvar Airport
EspinhoOvar Airport
ArgoncilheOvar Airport
FiaesOvar Airport
BeduidoOvar Airport
Albergaria-a-VelhaOvar Airport
Vale de CambraOvar Airport
AradasOvar Airport
SilvaldeOvar Airport
OiaOvar Airport
ValegaOvar Airport
ArrifanaOvar Airport
Sao JoaoOvar Airport
ArcosCoimbra Airport
AvancaOvar Airport
Oliveira do BairroCoimbra Airport
LobaoOvar Airport
EixoOvar Airport
BrancaOvar Airport
LamasOvar Airport
Sao RoqueOvar Airport
Nogueira da RegedouraOvar Airport
ValongoOvar Airport
OliveirinhaOvar Airport
SoutoOvar Airport
Gafanha da EncarnacaoOvar Airport
Macieira de CambraOvar Airport
Rio MeaoOvar Airport
Pacos de BrandaoOvar Airport
VagosOvar Airport
SangalhosCoimbra Airport
Pampilhosa do BotaoCoimbra Airport
MealhadaCoimbra Airport
Aguada de CimaCoimbra Airport
Milheiros de PoiaresOvar Airport
Vila ChaOvar Airport
PardilhoOvar Airport
SalreuOvar Airport
CortegacaOvar Airport
CityNearest Airport
Santa Maria da FeiraOvar Airport
AbitureiraOvar Airport
AbunheiraCoimbra Airport
AcoresOvar Airport
A dos Ferreiros de CimaOvar Airport
Adou de CimaOvar Airport
AgadaoViseu Airport
AgoncidaOvar Airport
AgrasOvar Airport
AgrasOvar Airport
AgroOvar Airport
AgroOvar Airport
AgrosOvar Airport
Aguada de BaixoCoimbra Airport
Agua LevadaOvar Airport
AgualvaViseu Airport
Aguas BoasCoimbra Airport
Agueiro de BaixoOvar Airport
AguieiraOvar Airport
AguimCoimbra Airport
AirasOvar Airport
AlagoaCoimbra Airport
AlagoaOvar Airport
Albergaria-a-NovaOvar Airport
Albergaria das CabrasOvar Airport
AlcafazViseu Airport
AldeiaOvar Airport
Aldeia de CimaOvar Airport
Aldeia NovaOvar Airport
Aldeia NovaOvar Airport
AldrizOvar Airport
Alem RioOvar Airport
AlfeloasCoimbra Airport
AlgarOvar Airport
AlgerizCoimbra Airport
AlgerizOvar Airport
AlmansorOvar Airport
AlmijofaViseu Airport
AlombadaOvar Airport
AlpalhaoCoimbra Airport
AlpossosOvar Airport
AlquerubimOvar Airport
Alto da Boa VistaOvar Airport
Alto do MonteOvar Airport
AlumieiraOvar Airport
AlumieiraOvar Airport
AlvarengaViseu Airport
AlvarimCoimbra Airport
AlviaesOvar Airport
Alvito de BaixoOvar Airport