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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Portugal for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
SetubalMontijo Airport
AmoraMontijo Airport
CorroiosMontijo Airport
BarreiroMontijo Airport
SesimbraMontijo Airport
AlmadaMontijo Airport
ArrentelaMontijo Airport
MontijoMontijo Airport
CharnecaMontijo Airport
Pinhal NovoMontijo Airport
CaparicaLisbon Portela Airport
Cova da PiedadeMontijo Airport
MoitaMontijo Airport
PalmelaMontijo Airport
Costa de CaparicaLisbon Portela Airport
Alhos VedrosMontijo Airport
SinesBeja International Airport
Aldeia de Paio PiresMontijo Airport
SobredaMontijo Airport
Santo Antonio da CharnecaMontijo Airport
GrandolaBeja International Airport
Santo AndreBeja International Airport
AlcocheteMontijo Airport
Alcacer do SalBeja International Airport
Quinta do AnjoMontijo Airport
Santiago do CacemBeja International Airport
PragalMontijo Airport
CacilhasMontijo Airport
TrafariaLisbon Portela Airport
CercalBeja International Airport
Quinta Do CondeMontijo Airport
ChibataLisbon Portela Airport
RaposoLisbon Portela Airport
Quinta do CastanheiroMontijo Airport
AbegoariaMontijo Airport
AbelaBeja International Airport
Agua do MontinhoBeja International Airport
Aguas de MouraMontijo Airport
AldeiaMontijo Airport
AldeiaMontijo Airport
Aldeia de BrescosMontijo Airport
Aldeia de IrmaosMontijo Airport
Aldeia de Sao PedroMontijo Airport
Aldeia do CanoBeja International Airport
Aldeia do FuturoBeja International Airport
Aldeia do MeioMontijo Airport
Aldeia RicaMontijo Airport
AlfarimMontijo Airport
AlfeiteMontijo Airport
AlgaleBeja International Airport
CityNearest Airport
AlvaladeBeja International Airport
AmeiraBeja International Airport
AmieiraMontijo Airport
Amora de BaixoMontijo Airport
AposticaMontijo Airport
ArezBeja International Airport
ArialvaLisbon Portela Airport
ArieiroMontijo Airport
Arneiro BrancoBeja International Airport
AroucaBeja International Airport
AssencadaBeja International Airport
AtalaiaMontijo Airport
AzelhalBeja International Airport
AzenhaMontijo Airport
AzinheiraMontijo Airport
Azinheira dos BarrosBeja International Airport
AzoiaMontijo Airport
BaceloMontijo Airport
BanaticaLisbon Portela Airport
BarlonguinhoMontijo Airport
Barra CheiaMontijo Airport
BarrigaMontijo Airport
BarrocaMontijo Airport
BarrocasMontijo Airport
BarrosinhaBeja International Airport
BatalhaMontijo Airport
Bebeda de CimaBeja International Airport
BicheiroLisbon Portela Airport
BoavistaBeja International Airport
BorbolegaBeja International Airport
Brejo da Silha do CenteioBeja International Airport
BrizaMontijo Airport
BroegasMontijo Airport
Cabeco de Alhos VedrosMontijo Airport
CachofarraMontijo Airport
CaioMontijo Airport
CalharizMontijo Airport
CamarateMontijo Airport
CaniceiraBeja International Airport
CantanhedeMontijo Airport
CaramujoMontijo Airport
CarapinhaMontijo Airport
CarcereiroMontijo Airport
CarochaBeja International Airport
CarregosaMontijo Airport
CarreiraMontijo Airport
CarvalhalBeja International Airport
CarvalhalMontijo Airport
Carvalhoso NovoMontijo Airport
Casa do MarquesMontijo Airport