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Note: Data of all the airports in the Portugal may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances (straight line distances) and may be much different from actual travel / road distance.

Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport (Name,IATA and ICAO airport codes if available) in Portugal for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.

CityNearest AirportCityNearest Airport
Lisbon(Lisboa)Lisbon Portela AirportPorto(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro Airport
Amadora(Lisboa)Lisbon Portela AirportBraga(Braga)Braga Municipal Aerodrome
Setubal(Setubal)Montijo AirportCoimbra(Coimbra)Coimbra Airport
Queluz(Lisboa)Lisbon Portela AirportFunchal(Madeira)Madeira Airport
Cacem(Lisboa)Sintra AirportVila Nova de Gaia(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro Airport
Loures(Lisboa)Lisbon Portela AirportRio de Mouro(Lisboa)Sintra Airport
Odivelas(Lisboa)Lisbon Portela AirportAveiro(Aveiro)Ovar Airport
Amora(Setubal)Montijo AirportCorroios(Setubal)Montijo Airport
Barreiro(Setubal)Montijo AirportRio Tinto(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro Airport
Sao Domingos de Rana(Lisboa)Sintra AirportLeiria(Leiria)Monte Real Airport
Faro(Faro)Faro AirportSesimbra(Setubal)Montijo Airport
Guimaraes(Braga)Braga Municipal AerodromeErmesinde(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro Airport
Portimao(Faro)Portimao AirportCascais(Lisboa)Sintra Airport
Maia(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro AirportAlmada(Setubal)Montijo Airport
Castelo Branco(Castelo Branco)Covilha AirportAlcabideche(Lisboa)Sintra Airport
Camara de Lobos(Madeira)Madeira AirportArrentela(Setubal)Montijo Airport
Montijo(Setubal)Montijo AirportSantarem(Santarem)Ota Airport
Olhao(Faro)Faro AirportPovoa de Varzim(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro Airport
Senhora da Hora(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro AirportMarinha Grande(Leiria)Monte Real Airport
Povoa de Santa Iria(Lisboa)Alverca AirportSequeira(Guarda)Covilha Airport
Matosinhos(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro AirportGondomar(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro Airport
Aguas Santas(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro AirportVila do Conde(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro Airport
Caldas da Rainha(Leiria)Ota AirportCanidelo(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro Airport
Viseu(Viseu)Viseu AirportSintra(Lisboa)Sintra Airport
Paco de Arcos(Lisboa)Sintra AirportSao Mamede de Infesta(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro Airport
Torres Vedras(Lisboa)Ota AirportOliveira do Douro(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro Airport
Fanzeres(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro AirportCharneca(Setubal)Montijo Airport
Carnaxide(Lisboa)Lisbon Portela AirportPinhal Novo(Setubal)Montijo Airport
Monte Estoril(Lisboa)Sintra AirportPontinha(Lisboa)Lisbon Portela Airport
Loule(Faro)Faro AirportSao Joao da Madeira(Aveiro)Ovar Airport
Bougado(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro AirportValongo(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro Airport
Caparica(Setubal)Lisbon Portela AirportBelas(Lisboa)Sintra Airport
Linda-a-Velha(Lisboa)Lisbon Portela AirportLaranjeiro(Faro)Faro Airport
Carcavelos(Lisboa)Sintra AirportCamarate(Lisboa)Lisbon Portela Airport
Ponta Delgada(Azores)Joo Paulo II AirportEntroncamento(Santarem)Tancos Airport
Cova da Piedade(Setubal)Montijo AirportCustoias(Guarda)Vila Real Airport
Alges(Lisboa)Lisbon Portela AirportTomar(Santarem)Tancos Airport
Barcelos(Braga)Braga Municipal AerodromePedroso(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro Airport
Vilar de Andorinho(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro AirportSao Joao da Talha(Lisboa)Lisbon Portela Airport
Lagos(Faro)Portimao AirportQuarteira(Faro)Faro Airport
Santa Iria da Azoia(Lisboa)Alverca AirportOvar(Aveiro)Ovar Airport
Vila Franca de Xira(Lisboa)Alverca AirportLeca da Palmeira(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro Airport
Moita(Setubal)Montijo AirportSacavem(Lisboa)Lisbon Portela Airport
Ramada(Lisboa)Lisbon Portela AirportPombal(Leiria)Monte Real Airport
Ilhavo(Aveiro)Ovar AirportParede(Lisboa)Sintra Airport
Sao Pedro da Cova(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro AirportVila Real(Vila Real)Vila Real Airport
Palmela(Setubal)Montijo AirportFafe(Braga)Braga Municipal Aerodrome
Feira(Aveiro)Ovar AirportLeca do Bailio(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro Airport
Vialonga(Lisboa)Alverca AirportAlbufeira(Faro)Faro Airport
Baguim do Monte(Porto)Francisco de S Carneiro AirportPeniche(Leiria)Ota Airport

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