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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Portugal for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
CoimbraCoimbra Airport
Figueira da FozCoimbra Airport
LousaCoimbra Airport
TavaredeCoimbra Airport
SoureCoimbra Airport
BuarcosCoimbra Airport
Miranda do CorvoCoimbra Airport
MiraCoimbra Airport
CantanhedeCoimbra Airport
ArazedeCoimbra Airport
PoiaresCoimbra Airport
Oliveira do HospitalCovilha Airport
Condeixa a NovaCoimbra Airport
ArganilCoimbra Airport
LavosCoimbra Airport
LorvaoCoimbra Airport
AlhadasCoimbra Airport
AbraveiaCoimbra Airport
AbrunheiraCoimbra Airport
AbrunheiraCoimbra Airport
AcorCoimbra Airport
AdcasalCoimbra Airport
AdelaCoimbra Airport
Ademia de CimaCoimbra Airport
AdoesCoimbra Airport
Adro VelhoCoimbra Airport
AduraoCovilha Airport
AgreloCoimbra Airport
AgrualCovilha Airport
Agua d' AlteCovilha Airport
AguieiraCoimbra Airport
Aigra NovaCoimbra Airport
AlagoaCoimbra Airport
AlagoaCoimbra Airport
AlagoaCoimbra Airport
AlbarrolCoimbra Airport
AlbergariaCoimbra Airport
AlbergariaCoimbra Airport
AlcabidequeCoimbra Airport
AlcariaCoimbra Airport
AlcarraquesCoimbra Airport
AlcouceCoimbra Airport
AldeiaCovilha Airport
Aldeia CimeiraCoimbra Airport
Aldeia das DezCovilha Airport
Aldeia do MeioCoimbra Airport
Aldeia FormosaViseu Airport
Aldeia FundeiraCoimbra Airport
Aldeia NovaCoimbra Airport
Aldeia VelhaCoimbra Airport
CityNearest Airport
Alencarce de BaixoCoimbra Airport
Alencarce de CimaCoimbra Airport
AlentejoCovilha Airport
AlfafarCoimbra Airport
AlfarelosCoimbra Airport
AlfocheiraCoimbra Airport
AlgacaCoimbra Airport
AlgaresCoimbra Airport
AljuricaCoimbra Airport
AlmalaguezCoimbra Airport
AlqueidaoCoimbra Airport
AlqueveCoimbra Airport
AlvaresCoimbra Airport
Alveite PequenoCoimbra Airport
AlvemCoimbra Airport
Alvoco das VarzeasCovilha Airport
AlvoeiraCoimbra Airport
AmealCoimbra Airport
AmeixeiraCoimbra Airport
AmieiraCoimbra Airport
AmieiroCoimbra Airport
Amioso CimeiroCoimbra Airport
Amioso do SenhorCoimbra Airport
AmiozinhoCoimbra Airport
AnagueisCoimbra Airport
AncaCoimbra Airport
AncerizCovilha Airport
AndorinhaCoimbra Airport
AndorinhaViseu Airport
AnobraCoimbra Airport
AntaCoimbra Airport
AntanholCoimbra Airport
AntuzedeCoimbra Airport
Arco PintadoCoimbra Airport
AreaoCoimbra Airport
ArieiroCoimbra Airport
ArmadouroCovilha Airport
ArmazensMonte Real Airport
ArneiroCoimbra Airport
Arneiro de ForaCoimbra Airport
Arneiro de SazesCoimbra Airport
ArneirosCoimbra Airport
Arneiro TecelaoCoimbra Airport
ArregacaCoimbra Airport
ArrifanaCoimbra Airport
ArrifanaCoimbra Airport
ArrocaCoimbra Airport
ArroiaCoimbra Airport
ArrotasCoimbra Airport
ArroteiaCoimbra Airport