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Note: Data of all the airports in the Manica, Mozambique may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Mozambique for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
ChimoioChimoio Airport
RodriguesChimoio Airport
TomoChimoio Airport
ChicangaChimoio Airport
MaforgaChimoio Airport
MoribaneChimoio Airport
SungueChimoio Airport
OficioBeira Airport
OficioBeira Airport
SeveneBeira Airport
MaviaBeira Airport
MapirineBeira Airport
MucodzaChimoio Airport
PauloChimoio Airport
AugustoChimoio Airport
MajuaChimoio Airport
MalassaChimoio Airport
TomasChimoio Airport
EtanoChimoio Airport
MutambaChimoio Airport
AlbertoChimoio Airport
PauloChimoio Airport
DiqueChimoio Airport
DengoChimoio Airport
MopomboChimoio Airport
AcampamentoChimoio Airport
MapungaChimoio Airport
RaposoChimoio Airport
Serracao EstevesChimoio Airport
MaumbiraChimoio Airport
GogaiChimoio Airport
RovaChimoio Airport
NhachaChimoio Airport
FilomoneChimoio Airport
MajaveChimoio Airport
MajobaneChimoio Airport
MafusseChimoio Airport
FevereiroChimoio Airport
TupenhaChimoio Airport
MaramaChimoio Airport
MonteiroChimoio Airport
WigamChimoio Airport
MussimandoioChimoio Airport
E. CarmonaChimoio Airport
BelasChimoio Airport
ZagarteChimoio Airport
BarragemChimoio Airport
ElvasChimoio Airport
Aldeia RevueChimoio Airport
ChimuandaChimoio Airport
CityNearest Airport
PeraiChimoio Airport
MepingoChimoio Airport
MepingoChimoio Airport
AzevedoChimoio Airport
XitaraChimoio Airport
MacuoChimoio Airport
PungueChimoio Airport
Aldeia MorondeChimoio Airport
Aldeia NhamatemaChimoio Airport
DoeroiChimoio Airport
CafumpeChimoio Airport
PindangangaChimoio Airport
MacateChimoio Airport
BoquissoChimoio Airport
MatsinhoChimoio Airport
NguawalaChimoio Airport
ZembeChimoio Airport
SussundengaChimoio Airport
ZucaChimoio Airport
FredChimoio Airport
TomeChimoio Airport
CadasChimoio Airport
SabinoChimoio Airport
MenorChimoio Airport
Herdade do RibatejoChimoio Airport
DiasChimoio Airport
SabanariraChimoio Airport
ChingoriChimoio Airport
MazangeChimoio Airport
ChiconhaChimoio Airport
TimaneChimoio Airport
Aldeia ChualaChimoio Airport
ChiconhaChimoio Airport
MarcosChimoio Airport
MateusChimoio Airport
CuxicaChimoio Airport
MabutoChimoio Airport
SalmoChimoio Airport
FaineraChimoio Airport
MangacaoChimoio Airport
MerdadeChimoio Airport
TomeChimoio Airport
NanomaChimoio Airport
MutambaChimoio Airport
LixicheChimoio Airport
ParafinaChimoio Airport
SirpenceChimoio Airport
CamigaChimoio Airport
BundundoChimoio Airport
Aldeia PanzeChimoio Airport