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Note: Data of all the airports in the Maputo Province, Mozambique may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Mozambique for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
MaputoMaputo Airport
MatolaMaputo Airport
Sulemane JafarMaputo Airport
AlbazinMaputo Airport
Todos SantosMaputo Airport
MateusMaputo Airport
JavetaMaputo Airport
LopesMaputo Airport
ChivambalaneMaputo Airport
Simiao MatolaMaputo Airport
MuamullaMaputo Airport
MandjoroMaputo Airport
SalimoneMaputo Airport
Alexandre UamungueneMaputo Airport
Alfredo UassunhaneMaputo Airport
MumachavanaMaputo Airport
CipamaneMaputo Airport
FilipeMaputo Airport
NhocuaneMaputo Airport
CingatelaMaputo Airport
DomingosMaputo Airport
Sao Jose OperarioMaputo Airport
Bairro Patricio LumumbaMaputo Airport
Elias ValenteMaputo Airport
MichafuteneMaputo Airport
Sebastiao MassibeMaputo Airport
ZintabaMaputo Airport
NevesMaputo Airport
GuambaMaputo Airport
MabolanaMaputo Airport
Dr. GoncalvesMaputo Airport
MagideMaputo Airport
MateuMaputo Airport
Kushal NathaMaputo Airport
GuezaneMaputo Airport
RodriguesMaputo Airport
XavierMaputo Airport
MalaiceMaputo Airport
Aldeia dos PescadoresMaputo Airport
B. TriunfoMaputo Airport
Polana Canico "B"Maputo Airport
Costa do SolMaputo Airport
Hulene "B"Maputo Airport
Bairro FerroviaroMaputo Airport
Hulene "A"Maputo Airport
Bairro de LaulaneMaputo Airport
Tres de FevereiroMaputo Airport
MagoanineMaputo Airport
MalhazineMaputo Airport
ZimpetoMaputo Airport
CityNearest Airport
Bairro George DimitrovMaputo Airport
Bairro Vinte e Cinco de Junho "B"Maputo Airport
BagamoyoMaputo Airport
Bairro Vinte e Cinco de Junho "A"Maputo Airport
Inhagoia "A"Maputo Airport
Inhagoia "B"Maputo Airport
JardimMaputo Airport
Luis CabralMaputo Airport
Chamanculo "C"Maputo Airport
MalangaMaputo Airport
Alto Mae "B"Maputo Airport
Alto Mae "A"Maputo Airport
MafalalaMaputo Airport
MinkadjuineMaputo Airport
Chamanculo "A"Maputo Airport
Chamanculo "B"Maputo Airport
XipamanineMaputo Airport
Chamanculo "D"Maputo Airport
Unidade SeteMaputo Airport
Aeroporto "B"Maputo Airport
Aeroporto "A"Maputo Airport
Maxaquene "D"Maputo Airport
UrbanizacaoMaputo Airport
Maxaquene "A"Maputo Airport
Maxaquene "B"Maputo Airport
Maxaquene "C"Maputo Airport
Polana Canico "A"Maputo Airport
SommerschieldMaputo Airport
CoopMaputo Airport
Malhangalene "B"Maputo Airport
Malhangalene "A"Maputo Airport
Polana Cimento "B"Maputo Airport
Polana Cimento "A"Maputo Airport
Central "A"Maputo Airport
Central "B"Maputo Airport
Central "C"Maputo Airport
CassanaMaputo Airport
MuvunjaMaputo Airport
MapoissaneMaputo Airport
MacamoMaputo Airport
CatembeMaputo Airport
MagonelaMaputo Airport
Madoda MadonzeleMaputo Airport
Joane ChibundeneMaputo Airport
Madoda Baco BacoMaputo Airport
C. UbisseMaputo Airport
ZueneMaputo Airport
M. ObisseMaputo Airport
LigongoloMaputo Airport
LigongoloMaputo Airport