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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Mozambique for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
PembaPemba Airport
MontepuezPemba Airport
MaoaNampula Airport
PararaNampula Airport
LasseNampula Airport
AsseNampula Airport
MaoaNampula Airport
SioNampula Airport
PiteriaNampula Airport
PutalaNampula Airport
MuxaxaNampula Airport
MuipitaNampula Airport
JohnPemba Airport
PacirePemba Airport
SerrariaPemba Airport
MucacataPemba Airport
MuguiaPemba Airport
NanoaPemba Airport
Chefe NiveroPemba Airport
Chefe NaciboPemba Airport
Chefe QuitaruboPemba Airport
Chefe MuituvaPemba Airport
InherePemba Airport
Chefe GiquinaPemba Airport
Chefe SucumaPemba Airport
MetoroPemba Airport
Chefe SelemanePemba Airport
Chefe CunlialaPemba Airport
Chefe AntonioPemba Airport
Chefe QuilevelePemba Airport
Chefe NancutoPemba Airport
Chefe N CumabaiPemba Airport
Chefe CaroaPemba Airport
Chefe PurremuerePemba Airport
Chefe MarracaPemba Airport
Chefe QuimaoPemba Airport
Chefe MadondoPemba Airport
AdamoPemba Airport
Regulo MaririPemba Airport
ComalaPemba Airport
Chefe LavePemba Airport
MesaPemba Airport
Chefe LilePemba Airport
UatuncorraPemba Airport
Regulo PolupoPemba Airport
NanhomaPemba Airport
NivacoPemba Airport
NivacoPemba Airport
NamanhumbirPemba Airport
AbudalaPemba Airport
CityNearest Airport
NiuhulaPemba Airport
LimiaPemba Airport
Chefe NampuaraPemba Airport
Regulo MedomaPemba Airport
Chefe AfonsoPemba Airport
Chefe CalialiaPemba Airport
Chefe RaidePemba Airport
Chefe ArrussequePemba Airport
Chefe PueliaPemba Airport
Chefe MaciquinePemba Airport
Chefe MuansavaPemba Airport
Chefe SehanePemba Airport
Chefe SabaoPemba Airport
Chefe AquimoPemba Airport
Chefe NigoeleuaPemba Airport
Chefe NeparulaPemba Airport
Chefe LopaPemba Airport
SenlaPemba Airport
PintimbinePemba Airport
MelopanePemba Airport
NamuetoPemba Airport
NapalavePemba Airport
MariaPemba Airport
Cabo RamassanePemba Airport
Regulo MarrirePemba Airport
Cabo SubuanaPemba Airport
Cabo AmitoPemba Airport
Cabo ManlelaPemba Airport
Chefe PanamoPemba Airport
Chefe TalamoPemba Airport
Cabo AtussaPemba Airport
Chefe MajomalaPemba Airport
Cabo FernandoPemba Airport
JeperenePemba Airport
Cabo PaulaPemba Airport
Cabo LapoinzivaPemba Airport
MachemeraPemba Airport
Cabo NalavaPemba Airport
Cabo SehanePemba Airport
Chefe CoholaPemba Airport
TonquiaPemba Airport
Cabo MuiaPemba Airport
PauloPemba Airport
Cabo SuraPemba Airport
Chefe TupulaPemba Airport
Chefe NapitaPemba Airport
Chefe TueiaPemba Airport
NatutuloPemba Airport
Chefe LimiaPemba Airport
Chefe MuepaPemba Airport