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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Mozambique for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
NampulaNampula Airport
Cidade de NacalaNampula Airport
Antonio EnesNampula Airport
Ilha de MocambiqueNampula Airport
MutualiNampula Airport
Companhia do BororNampula Airport
Chefe CassimoNampula Airport
Chefe RatilNampula Airport
Regedor MaconeNampula Airport
Chefe AlitiNampula Airport
Chefe MocorrocoNampula Airport
Regulo MulucoNampula Airport
Regulo NambuiNampula Airport
Cabo RucunuaNampula Airport
Regulo CalauaNampula Airport
Chefe EssumailaNampula Airport
Chefe AmanziNampula Airport
Cabo AssaneNampula Airport
Cabo AmisseNampula Airport
Regulo CupanamaNampula Airport
AmudaNampula Airport
Regulo CaetanoNampula Airport
Cabo ApacarlNampula Airport
Chefe MacuaNampula Airport
Chefe MuponhaNampula Airport
Chefe CarepaNampula Airport
LameleNampula Airport
Chefe NamuineNampula Airport
Chefe SulimaneNampula Airport
Cabo MulacaNampula Airport
NiueaNampula Airport
Chefe LanguaneNampula Airport
Chefe TaudaNampula Airport
Regulo NamurruaNampula Airport
Chefe AtumaneNampula Airport
Chefe MucoilaNampula Airport
Regulo MomaNampula Airport
HenriqueNampula Airport
Chefe CassimoNampula Airport
Chefe JamalNampula Airport
Chefe MiriaNampula Airport
Chefe ManaNampula Airport
MuculucoNampula Airport
Chefe AliNampula Airport
Chefe MepagoNampula Airport
Regulo MatadaneNampula Airport
Chefe MuirrumaNampula Airport
PorraimoNampula Airport
OssufoNampula Airport
Chefe TacaNampula Airport
CityNearest Airport
Chefe PucaNampula Airport
MulamaNampula Airport
Chefe SagageNampula Airport
Regulo MutanaNampula Airport
Chefe MuauanhaNampula Airport
Chefe MuievaNampula Airport
Chefe PequeninoNampula Airport
Regulo JoaoNampula Airport
Chefe NemuaNampula Airport
Regulo MupepulaNampula Airport
Chefe CoutinhoNampula Airport
Chefe SaideNampula Airport
Regulo SavarraNampula Airport
MumbuaNampula Airport
Chefe ColeteNampula Airport
PanteneNampula Airport
Cabo CaviloNampula Airport
PorraimoNampula Airport
QuerroNampula Airport
Chefe MualseneNampula Airport
SamuelNampula Airport
Cabo ApacariNampula Airport
Regulo SoaleNampula Airport
MuamadeNampula Airport
Chefe CavinaNampula Airport
SozinhoNampula Airport
Chefe MetanoNampula Airport
Cabo JoaoNampula Airport
Chefe MivuaNampula Airport
Chefe QuecereiaNampula Airport
Cabo MucalavanaNampula Airport
TomasNampula Airport
MuzazoNampula Airport
ItupaNampula Airport
Cabo CairaliNampula Airport
Chefe MussassanhaNampula Airport
Chefe CalipoNampula Airport
AmisseNampula Airport
Chefe SalimoNampula Airport
Chefe CincoNampula Airport
Chefe FogoNampula Airport
Chefe CassimoNampula Airport
AbelNampula Airport
MuzomaNampula Airport
Chefe LourencoNampula Airport
Regulo MatapaNampula Airport
Chefe PinhoNampula Airport
Chefe AmadeNampula Airport
Chefe JamalNampula Airport
Chefe SaideNampula Airport