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Note: Data of all the airports in the Gaza, Mozambique may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Mozambique for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Xai-XaiMaputo Airport
ChokweMaputo Airport
ChibutoMaputo Airport
ManjacazeInhambane Airport
MaciaMaputo Airport
MapopaneInhambane Airport
MataneaneInhambane Airport
MunhacaInhambane Airport
MuhutuaniVilankulo Airport
ChikhutoInhambane Airport
MambecoVilankulo Airport
JossefaInhambane Airport
MatsucumaneInhambane Airport
JeremiasInhambane Airport
ManganhaneInhambane Airport
ChailaInhambane Airport
ChicumboInhambane Airport
ValenteInhambane Airport
MachocaneInhambane Airport
MagulaneInhambane Airport
MutacatiMaputo Airport
SolaneInhambane Airport
BunganhaneInhambane Airport
PangueleInhambane Airport
JatamuInhambane Airport
Aldeia Comunais FucueMaputo Airport
CaxaniMaputo Airport
A.C. TsocaneMaputo Airport
MadubaneMaputo Airport
MacaringueMaputo Airport
Aldeia Comunais MacarringueMaputo Airport
Aldeia Comunais MaconqueleMaputo Airport
ErnestoMaputo Airport
MahanuqueMaputo Airport
VembelaMaputo Airport
BenhaneMaputo Airport
ChiquisseMaputo Airport
FilipeMaputo Airport
MungoneInhambane Airport
ZemanhaneInhambane Airport
ChifurissaneInhambane Airport
UngueleneInhambane Airport
MumaniInhambane Airport
MariquissaneInhambane Airport
MessuaneMaputo Airport
ChipanzoMaputo Airport
DopelaMaputo Airport
MucatineMaputo Airport
Aldeia Comunais ZuluMaputo Airport
JudasMaputo Airport
CityNearest Airport
DomingosMaputo Airport
FabiaoMaputo Airport
PangueneMaputo Airport
NamburoMaputo Airport
NaohoMaputo Airport
CaulaneInhambane Airport
MassessaneInhambane Airport
PandiInhambane Airport
UssecuaInhambane Airport
ChiueleInhambane Airport
AlbinoInhambane Airport
BanganeInhambane Airport
FinichaneInhambane Airport
DambaInhambane Airport
MuchonjacateInhambane Airport
JoanisseInhambane Airport
MaginhanganeInhambane Airport
DindizaInhambane Airport
DumaInhambane Airport
MapenjeInhambane Airport
MataniInhambane Airport
N'GanaInhambane Airport
H'LamalaniInhambane Airport
UachalaneInhambane Airport
LeonardoInhambane Airport
TsacaniInhambane Airport
BurreniMaputo Airport
PalateMaputo Airport
SombaneInhambane Airport
TcheleniInhambane Airport
MarumequeInhambane Airport
MuiomoInhambane Airport
DindizaInhambane Airport
MunhacaInhambane Airport
FranciscoInhambane Airport
MachequeteInhambane Airport
RobisonMaputo Airport
JuliaoMaputo Airport
CarlosMaputo Airport
TimoteoMaputo Airport
Aldeia Comunais RinganeMaputo Airport
JudasMaputo Airport
JulaiMaputo Airport
SebastiaoInhambane Airport
JoaquimInhambane Airport
JoanisseInhambane Airport
MegaizaneInhambane Airport
ChilumaneInhambane Airport
OxaneMaputo Airport
JossiasMaputo Airport