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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Mozambique for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
TeteChingozi Airport
Aldeia ChiotumboChingozi Airport
MoluissaQuelimane Airport
DuarteQuelimane Airport
CameraQuelimane Airport
CassamoQuelimane Airport
ChirembueQuelimane Airport
MarquesQuelimane Airport
CumbuaQuelimane Airport
InhangomaQuelimane Airport
TraquinoQuelimane Airport
Tora-ToraQuelimane Airport
MassengaQuelimane Airport
SucamialaQuelimane Airport
MalalaQuelimane Airport
ToueQuelimane Airport
CanhungueQuelimane Airport
MoendaQuelimane Airport
MissuassuaQuelimane Airport
Roque DiosQuelimane Airport
VicenteQuelimane Airport
SupiaQuelimane Airport
RaposoQuelimane Airport
SonaQuelimane Airport
MuzimoQuelimane Airport
CuaQuelimane Airport
Ntandamuwa MarketChingozi Airport
MakananiChingozi Airport
Aldeia NecungasChingozi Airport
MecitoChingozi Airport
MiraveChingozi Airport
CuengueChingozi Airport
Aldeia LuombuoChingozi Airport
Aldeia DevoChingozi Airport
Aldeia MararaChingozi Airport
Aldeia MuchambaChingozi Airport
Sao JorgeChingozi Airport
ChuezaChingozi Airport
Aldeia CacondeChingozi Airport
DoaChingozi Airport
MufaChingozi Airport
Aldeia MatamboChingozi Airport
ChangudueChingozi Airport
Aldeia MissauaChingozi Airport
Aldeia MissauaChingozi Airport
Aldeia PacassaChingozi Airport
Aldeia CachengeChingozi Airport
Aldeia NhankwalakwaldChingozi Airport
Aldeia NhancadengaChingozi Airport
TomaChingozi Airport
CityNearest Airport
Aldeia CangudzeChingozi Airport
Aldeia BiriraChingozi Airport
ConformeChingozi Airport
Aldeia DemeraChingozi Airport
Aldeia GobaChingozi Airport
JasseChingozi Airport
Aldeia NhamadzonsoChingozi Airport
ChavecaChingozi Airport
Aldeia ChitondoChingozi Airport
Aldeia CanhandulaChingozi Airport
FernandesChingozi Airport
Aldeia MvziChingozi Airport
MazoweChingozi Airport
ChinhondeChingozi Airport
Aldeia SasserimbeChingozi Airport
ZumiraChingozi Airport
Aldeia MithetheChingozi Airport
MitemangawaChingozi Airport
Aldeia CoambaChingozi Airport
MezaChingozi Airport
Aldeia ChiwaiChingozi Airport
Aldeia MaulemauleChingozi Airport
Aldeia CamulaumbaChingozi Airport
Aldeia CatumbaChingozi Airport
Aldeia LifundaChingozi Airport
ChimbondeChingozi Airport
GafariaChingozi Airport
Pote-PoteChingozi Airport
Aldeia ChangudueChingozi Airport
CaroeiraChingozi Airport
Aldeia ChuchamanoChingozi Airport
Aldeia DrungaChingozi Airport
InhateresaChingozi Airport
InhancumbaChingozi Airport
NicompoChingozi Airport
Aldeia WiriamoChingozi Airport
Aldeia NhagondoaChingozi Airport
MadanteChingozi Airport
Aldeia PiaoroChingozi Airport
ChingoseChingozi Airport
MaparaChingozi Airport
MchengaChingozi Airport
NhalugaChingozi Airport
Aldeia NhalupandaChingozi Airport
Aldeia Vila FormosaChingozi Airport
Aldeia TomboChingozi Airport
Aldeia CatemeChingozi Airport
ChipembereChingozi Airport
Aldeia MulinjiChingozi Airport
MandueChingozi Airport