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Note: Data of all the airports in the Zambezia, Mozambique may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Mozambique for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
QuelimaneQuelimane Airport
MocubaQuelimane Airport
LourencoQuelimane Airport
SardinhaQuelimane Airport
CaoxeQuelimane Airport
Chefe IntocaQuelimane Airport
MutameiaQuelimane Airport
MontegiroQuelimane Airport
TocoloQuelimane Airport
Chefe TanliuaQuelimane Airport
Regulo BasserraQuelimane Airport
CuncuneQuelimane Airport
EvaganeQuelimane Airport
Chefe LobuaQuelimane Airport
Regulo ImbinaQuelimane Airport
SequeiraQuelimane Airport
Chefe CadreQuelimane Airport
MurriuaQuelimane Airport
Chefe NamueraQuelimane Airport
MurroaQuelimane Airport
MarinoQuelimane Airport
NamodaQuelimane Airport
MuiaQuelimane Airport
MualaQuelimane Airport
Chefe AtumaneQuelimane Airport
ViriculaQuelimane Airport
OssufoQuelimane Airport
Regulo MurramelaQuelimane Airport
MoconeQuelimane Airport
ImbaculeQuelimane Airport
Chefe MualotaQuelimane Airport
GongelQuelimane Airport
QuemuaQuelimane Airport
TucanhaQuelimane Airport
CampiraQuelimane Airport
ChimbazeQuelimane Airport
RipaQuelimane Airport
Chefe MuabuaQuelimane Airport
AbudoQuelimane Airport
Chefe NaminavaQuelimane Airport
Regulo MuturiaQuelimane Airport
MaluloQuelimane Airport
HalaQuelimane Airport
ConeQuelimane Airport
Regulo NambeteQuelimane Airport
Regulo CheiQuelimane Airport
ArmandoQuelimane Airport
Chefe MuacanhaQuelimane Airport
Chefe MuipoQuelimane Airport
Chefe MuiqueQuelimane Airport
CityNearest Airport
InhagombeQuelimane Airport
AiupaNampula Airport
NucanhaQuelimane Airport
Plantacao MelelaQuelimane Airport
Plantacao NhubaQuelimane Airport
UssamaneQuelimane Airport
Regulo MuiaQuelimane Airport
Chefe MalacoQuelimane Airport
MacueteQuelimane Airport
MalacoQuelimane Airport
Chefe NaibaQuelimane Airport
Chefe BujadeQuelimane Airport
VenhavoQuelimane Airport
Chefe MegamaQuelimane Airport
Chefe CueneQuelimane Airport
PorraimoQuelimane Airport
PorraimoQuelimane Airport
Regulo NaucaQuelimane Airport
NauagaQuelimane Airport
RupaliuaQuelimane Airport
Chefe PeloQuelimane Airport
Chefe NamadoroQuelimane Airport
Regulo CheiQuelimane Airport
AliQuelimane Airport
AbudalaQuelimane Airport
LatifoQuelimane Airport
Regulo NaicoQuelimane Airport
Chefe BoniaQuelimane Airport
Chefe MaivaQuelimane Airport
MarrareQuelimane Airport
MarrumbuneQuelimane Airport
LigogoQuelimane Airport
GazelaQuelimane Airport
InhampingaQuelimane Airport
PatricioQuelimane Airport
ChacumaQuelimane Airport
Regulo NanreNampula Airport
AmadeNampula Airport
Chefe RomaoNampula Airport
Chefe CarimoNampula Airport
Regulo VilaloNampula Airport
Chefe SahajeNampula Airport
NicatacaNampula Airport
MupuloNampula Airport
SaideQuelimane Airport
Sao RafaelQuelimane Airport
MaquivalQuelimane Airport
MarronganeQuelimane Airport
NavelaNampula Airport
Chefe MuecuaNampula Airport