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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Mozambique for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
MaxixeInhambane Airport
InhambaneInhambane Airport
ChavaneVilankulo Airport
JoaneVilankulo Airport
MacedaVilankulo Airport
JossaiVilankulo Airport
LaiuaneVilankulo Airport
CunaneVilankulo Airport
MetundoVilankulo Airport
ChovaneVilankulo Airport
FeijaoVilankulo Airport
ChienzeleVilankulo Airport
FranceVilankulo Airport
UassetelaVilankulo Airport
TianeVilankulo Airport
GonzaneVilankulo Airport
LangueVilankulo Airport
SemetaVilankulo Airport
RespeitoVilankulo Airport
SinivaVilankulo Airport
PaundaIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
VicenteVilankulo Airport
MatenganeVilankulo Airport
ChicabaneVilankulo Airport
SambulaVilankulo Airport
SaelaVilankulo Airport
SilicaVilankulo Airport
ChinavaneVilankulo Airport
MalonguetaneVilankulo Airport
MachecaVilankulo Airport
PendeVilankulo Airport
MadjocaneVilankulo Airport
FabiaoVilankulo Airport
ChitsembaneVilankulo Airport
FabiaoVilankulo Airport
ChingomaneVilankulo Airport
NhiuaneVilankulo Airport
VicenteVilankulo Airport
FiniasseVilankulo Airport
Induna MaquigueVilankulo Airport
LazetaVilankulo Airport
ZuloVilankulo Airport
MachungueleVilankulo Airport
MucolocotoVilankulo Airport
JoaoVilankulo Airport
PamandaVilankulo Airport
HochaneVilankulo Airport
SilivaneVilankulo Airport
JoseVilankulo Airport
ChissassaneVilankulo Airport
CityNearest Airport
TlacataneVilankulo Airport
TaiVilankulo Airport
MequeVilankulo Airport
JanuarioVilankulo Airport
Chefe ChinamelaVilankulo Airport
ChichocaneVilankulo Airport
JossiaVilankulo Airport
SeveneVilankulo Airport
SafalauVilankulo Airport
MutocuaneVilankulo Airport
TasseVilankulo Airport
TaimoVilankulo Airport
ChissivaneVilankulo Airport
NembaVilankulo Airport
TomelaVilankulo Airport
NhuaneVilankulo Airport
Regulo MuabsaVilankulo Airport
PauloVilankulo Airport
SolaiIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
TonelaneIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
LaiteVilankulo Airport
MahelaneVilankulo Airport
MequeIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
Chefe ChitsecaneIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
FiniasseIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
TavaneIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
PaindaneIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
TauzeneIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
TaiIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
ChalucuaneIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
SeteIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
UeleIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
TiqueVilankulo Airport
SilivaIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
MasselaIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
ManuelIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
MadessoIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
SaendelaIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
UendelaIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
SilicaBazaruto Island Airport
SendelaIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
JoaoBazaruto Island Airport
DavideBazaruto Island Airport
VascoIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
SaelaIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
JulaiIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
MagudeIndigo Bay Lodge Airport
SupeiaBazaruto Island Airport
LangeBazaruto Island Airport
XinavaneVilankulo Airport