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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Morocco for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Beni MellalOuarzazate Airport
Fkih Ben SalahMohammed V International Airport
Kasba TadlaMohammed V International Airport
TasraftMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
TafraoutMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait HamzaMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Bou AdilMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
El MizaneMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
LamsidMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
AitAmarMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
TizzaMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
ImhiouachBassatine Airport
Ait BoumsilalBassatine Airport
Ait MahhaBassatine Airport
Habitations TroglaoyteaOuarzazate Airport
Sidi Lahsene OuamankouriMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
AmzerlouMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Lalla AichaMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Igherm n'OuatouMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
TizrazMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
ZerehaneMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait M`ammarOuarzazate Airport
AssamaneOuarzazate Airport
AdmateneOuarzazate Airport
Tighremt n'OugamhOuarzazate Airport
Almou n'Ait MaziahOuarzazate Airport
Ait TamajjoutOuarzazate Airport
Ait OualefOuarzazate Airport
Apuerd n'OuarabOuarzazate Airport
TimgradOuarzazate Airport
TandoustOuarzazate Airport
TidazOuarzazate Airport
Ait HamzaOuarzazate Airport
Imi n'TizguiOuarzazate Airport
AguensouOuarzazate Airport
Imi n'OumfidOuarzazate Airport
Imi n'LarbaOuarzazate Airport
TighmartOuarzazate Airport
Imi n'TalatOuarzazate Airport
IssakkifeneOuarzazate Airport
AzlagOuarzazate Airport
IkablineOuarzazate Airport
TaghbaloutOuarzazate Airport
TimadouyghaOuarzazate Airport
Tana n'HlouOuarzazate Airport
Ait `AbbesOuarzazate Airport
OuidzourOuarzazate Airport
IkaddarnOuarzazate Airport
TigboulaOuarzazate Airport
Aguerd n'OugidoumOuarzazate Airport
CityNearest Airport
Ait Bou IssoutirOuarzazate Airport
IskOuarzazate Airport
TamsfritOuarzazate Airport
TissaOuarzazate Airport
TigharguenineOuarzazate Airport
AguerdOuarzazate Airport
TassaOuarzazate Airport
IzlateneOuarzazate Airport
Sidi AbdallahOuarzazate Airport
El MouddaOuarzazate Airport
Ta`bditOuarzazate Airport
Ait HamaniMenara Airport
AzrouOuarzazate Airport
Ighil n'AmairadeOuarzazate Airport
Ait SellamOuarzazate Airport
TiharissineMenara Airport
Ait Bou TouhaltMenara Airport
Ait BoualiOuarzazate Airport
Talat n'TazartOuarzazate Airport
Ait KhlebOuarzazate Airport
TassaOuarzazate Airport
AmaghdoureneOuarzazate Airport
IgramaneOuarzazate Airport
Ait LahseneOuarzazate Airport
AssammarOuarzazate Airport
Ait HaddouOuarzazate Airport
TaglaoutOuarzazate Airport
Azib TissilianeOuarzazate Airport
Tizi n'Ait BourkaMenara Airport
AggarfitaneOuarzazate Airport
Ait Hmad Ou NaserOuarzazate Airport
Ighrem n'OugdirMenara Airport
IghoundraOuarzazate Airport
Ait n'YoultOuarzazate Airport
TaourirtMenara Airport
TimitOuarzazate Airport
Ait ZiriOuarzazate Airport
TaghoulidOuarzazate Airport
IglaouaneOuarzazate Airport
AbachkouOuarzazate Airport
AbainouOuarzazate Airport
AchbalouMenara Airport
AdafaOuarzazate Airport
AdendounOuarzazate Airport
AdouzMohammed V International Airport
AfakhfakhOuarzazate Airport
AfertMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Aflar Mohammed n'Ait KadderMenara Airport
AfourerOuarzazate Airport
Agad el KadirMenara Airport