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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Morocco for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
OujdaAngads Airport
NadorNador International Airport
TaourirtNador International Airport
BerkaneAngads Airport
JeradaAngads Airport
El AiounAngads Airport
ZaioNador International Airport
AhfirAngads Airport
FiguigBouarfa Airport
LabtatnaAngads Airport
ZegzalAngads Airport
Oulad YakoubAngads Airport
Oulad ZenatiAngads Airport
Oulad Bel KhirAngads Airport
SaideneAngads Airport
Dar DjdidaAngads Airport
Ouled Ben YahiaAngads Airport
Ouled el HajjAngads Airport
Sidi SaberAngads Airport
LakamchaAngads Airport
Oulad Ahmed Ben 'AliNador International Airport
Al 'AbedNador International Airport
DressaNador International Airport
TifziouineCherif Al Idrissi Airport
KodiaNador International Airport
OuiksaneNador International Airport
Ed Dar AouraghNador International Airport
IghzazeneNador International Airport
IzammouraneNador International Airport
MerijaAngads Airport
TancherfiNador International Airport
AklimAngads Airport
El HarchaAngads Airport
AghmirNador International Airport
IboughardainNador International Airport
LaazanenNador International Airport
Had Beni ChikerNador International Airport
AaselNador International Airport
Abd el HajCherif Al Idrissi Airport
Abd el Kader SadiaNador International Airport
AchdirCherif Al Idrissi Airport
AfraNador International Airport
AfsoNador International Airport
AgalaneNador International Airport
AgamirNador International Airport
AgbeneCherif Al Idrissi Airport
AgdalMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
AhfirCherif Al Idrissi Airport
Ahmed AllalCherif Al Idrissi Airport
Ahzim el FoukaniCherif Al Idrissi Airport
CityNearest Airport
Ain Beni MatharAngads Airport
Ain ChairBouarfa Airport
Ain SfaAngads Airport
Ain Er ReggadaAngads Airport
Ain TafechnaNador International Airport
Ain ZoraNador International Airport
Ain ZoraNador International Airport
AisateneNador International Airport
Ait AazimanaCherif Al Idrissi Airport
Ait AbdelliBouarfa Airport
Ait 'Abd en NourCherif Al Idrissi Airport
Ait Addou AbbiarMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait Ahmed Ou HaddouMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait Aissa Ou AliMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait AliCherif Al Idrissi Airport
Ait Ali Ou SaidMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait 'AmraneCherif Al Idrissi Airport
Ait ChoukiCherif Al Idrissi Airport
Ait Daoud YoubMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait FetouliMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait HaddouMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait HakkuonNador International Airport
Ait Hamdou MouhNador International Airport
Ait IchchouMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait JeiatCherif Al Idrissi Airport
Ait KiateneNador International Airport
Ait LahseneNador International Airport
Ait MansorNador International Airport
Ait MayyitCherif Al Idrissi Airport
Ait MohammedMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait OuaheiMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait OuazzagMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait RhersiMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait Seba JedidaMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait SebbaitMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait Taleb AliNador International Airport
Ait TarzoutBouarfa Airport
Ait TayarCherif Al Idrissi Airport
Ait YakoubMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait ZianeCherif Al Idrissi Airport
AjdirAngads Airport
AjdirCherif Al Idrissi Airport
AjelmamNador International Airport
Al FoukaraNador International Airport
Al HadadchaNador International Airport
Ali Ou JdidBouarfa Airport
Ali OuzinibNador International Airport
Allal Ben MessaoudNador International Airport
AlmaneMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Al MgardaNador International Airport