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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Morocco for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
GuelmimTan Tan Airport
Tan-TanTan Tan Airport
Kheneg el HamamTan Tan Airport
TagajdaltTan Tan Airport
Zaouiat Sidi AbdalhakOuarzazate Airport
OuayrtoutOuarzazate Airport
TamdaOuarzazate Airport
AssakaOuarzazate Airport
AgoultOuarzazate Airport
El HaitOuarzazate Airport
Foum LhanchOuarzazate Airport
Foum JouaiTan Tan Airport
TamzailigtTan Tan Airport
Kheneg el AdamTan Tan Airport
Gueha ez ZergaTan Tan Airport
TafnidiltTan Tan Airport
TimetnousTan Tan Airport
Ain KermaTan Tan Airport
AoreoraTan Tan Airport
Dar BairoukTan Tan Airport
DchiraTan Tan Airport
Amane Ait OussaTan Tan Airport
TaskalaTan Tan Airport
IslilOuarzazate Airport
IkiisOuarzazate Airport
TizguiOuarzazate Airport
TadachachtTan Tan Airport
Mansoura AhmedTan Tan Airport
LegzazmaTan Tan Airport
AbattekhTan Tan Airport
AbeinouTan Tan Airport
AboudaTan Tan Airport
AdaiAl Massira Airport
Adghers n'OuarfalnOuarzazate Airport
AdisAl Massira Airport
Adrhass n'Ou ErfalleneOuarzazate Airport
AferkertTan Tan Airport
Agadir el HenaAl Massira Airport
Agadir IdrainAl Massira Airport
Agadir IgourameneAl Massira Airport
Agadir n'Ait AliAl Massira Airport
Agadir n'TigidaAl Massira Airport
Agadir OuzrouAl Massira Airport
AglagalAl Massira Airport
AgoujgalAl Massira Airport
AguejgalTan Tan Airport
Agouni MelloulAl Massira Airport
AguellizAl Massira Airport
AguellouiAl Massira Airport
AguerdAl Massira Airport
CityNearest Airport
AguerdOuarzazate Airport
AguerzagueneAl Massira Airport
AguezzraneTan Tan Airport
AguinaneOuarzazate Airport
AiggoAl Massira Airport
Ait AnterAl Massira Airport
Ait BoukhaTan Tan Airport
Ait Bou YahyaOuarzazate Airport
Ait el HajAl Massira Airport
Ait HammaneAl Massira Airport
Ait IlloulAl Massira Airport
Ait JerrarAl Massira Airport
Ait Oua BelliAl Massira Airport
Ait Ou IraneOuarzazate Airport
Aouinet Ait OussaTan Tan Airport
Ait RehalAl Massira Airport
Ait SerehaneAl Massira Airport
AkchtimAl Massira Airport
AkkaAl Massira Airport
Akka IguireneOuarzazate Airport
Akka IreneOuarzazate Airport
AloujnynOuarzazate Airport
AmadarhAl Massira Airport
AmotTan Tan Airport
AmzrouOuarzazate Airport
AnamerAl Massira Airport
AngarfAl Massira Airport
AninigOuarzazate Airport
AnorhrifAl Massira Airport
AougniOuarzazate Airport
Aouinet TorkozTan Tan Airport
AoukerdaAl Massira Airport
AouzeroualtTan Tan Airport
AroussiTan Tan Airport
AsrirTan Tan Airport
AssaTan Tan Airport
AssakaAl Massira Airport
AssarharOuarzazate Airport
Assemlil LekdimOuarzazate Airport
AzalnAl Massira Airport
Azarhar OumesliteneAl Massira Airport
AzemzAl Massira Airport
AzerfalilAl Massira Airport
AzougzaOuarzazate Airport
AzzalAl Massira Airport
Bou DellalOuarzazate Airport
Bou GuirOuarzazate Airport
Bou IzakarnAl Massira Airport
Bou KdirOuarzazate Airport
BoulkniounOuarzazate Airport