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Note: Data of all the airports in the Souss-Massa-Draa, Morocco may not be available or may not be accurate and distances are air distances.
Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Morocco for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
AgadirAl Massira Airport
TaroudantAl Massira Airport
Oulad TeimaAl Massira Airport
OuarzazatOuarzazate Airport
TiznitAl Massira Airport
TineghirMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
ZagoraOuarzazate Airport
LabrarOuarzazate Airport
Mouyih AmrOuarzazate Airport
El MnissiOuarzazate Airport
TirilhelaOuarzazate Airport
Ed DououairaiOuarzazate Airport
AmerdoutOuarzazate Airport
El AouinatOuarzazate Airport
Oulad AtmaneOuarzazate Airport
El MoudaOuarzazate Airport
TamejjaitOuarzazate Airport
RoudatOuarzazate Airport
TammougaltOuarzazate Airport
Targoua n'el MalOuarzazate Airport
Aira n'Ait SedratOuarzazate Airport
TalatOuarzazate Airport
TasemmoumtOuarzazate Airport
RbatOuarzazate Airport
InseiOuarzazate Airport
Tassaount n'Bou IgrazeneOuarzazate Airport
TahiaOuarzazate Airport
TiferguiOuarzazate Airport
TimremtOuarzazate Airport
Foum el OuedOuarzazate Airport
Ait AbdallahOuarzazate Airport
IgraneOuarzazate Airport
Isk n'OumaghaOuarzazate Airport
TizegzaouineOuarzazate Airport
Daou TazegzatOuarzazate Airport
Ait OukhzamOuarzazate Airport
SroubOuarzazate Airport
TasdaoutOuarzazate Airport
ImiderOuarzazate Airport
TitoulaOuarzazate Airport
Ali Ou LahsenOuarzazate Airport
Tafraout n'OufellaOuarzazate Airport
Amda n'BrahimOuarzazate Airport
Taourirt n'HamzaOuarzazate Airport
Dar Ait MesoudOuarzazate Airport
Agni OuzgarOuarzazate Airport
AghbalouOuarzazate Airport
BelghiziOuarzazate Airport
TaharbiltOuarzazate Airport
TimoulaOuarzazate Airport
CityNearest Airport
InzebiateneOuarzazate Airport
TagherramtOuarzazate Airport
IdkhissineOuarzazate Airport
GalmousOuarzazate Airport
ImzoughineOuarzazate Airport
AghgoumiOuarzazate Airport
Imi n'OumachaOuarzazate Airport
Zaouiat AinasOuarzazate Airport
Tafraout n'OuzguigOuarzazate Airport
Asserd n'Ait BoulouOuarzazate Airport
Ait Ali Ou SalmOuarzazate Airport
Imidar TakhtaniOuarzazate Airport
IhmoudanOuarzazate Airport
TikerdoucheneOuarzazate Airport
AzegzaOuarzazate Airport
OugridOuarzazate Airport
IfzouaneOuarzazate Airport
Ain n'Ait HmadOuarzazate Airport
TilildaOuarzazate Airport
AnsiaOuarzazate Airport
TamaloutOuarzazate Airport
OuizgoughtOuarzazate Airport
ImizgOuarzazate Airport
AgroulaneOuarzazate Airport
Imider n'IghelsOuarzazate Airport
IghissaneOuarzazate Airport
TayahiatOuarzazate Airport
TikhfistOuarzazate Airport
TifrkhsetOuarzazate Airport
Ait Aissa Ou BrahimMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
KademMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Aguensou AouraghMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Bou LaghzazilMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
AgoulziMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Bou MiriMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
AgouddiniMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
El Hart n'IgourrameneMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait YallaMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait el MeskineMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait MohammedMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Bou TaghalMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
Ait ElkadiMoulay Ali Cherif Airport
TairzaOuarzazate Airport
Bou Tigguit n'OualrkitOuarzazate Airport
TajalaitOuarzazate Airport
AmguisOuarzazate Airport
GherghizOuarzazate Airport
Ouine OuadilOuarzazate Airport
MouddouOuarzazate Airport
TagraOuarzazate Airport