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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Morocco for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
Kenitra-GHARBKenitra Airport
Sidi SlimaneBassatine Airport
Sidi QacemBassatine Airport
OuazzaneSaniat Rmel Airport
Souq Larb'a al GharbKenitra Airport
Sidi Yahia el GharbKenitra Airport
Mechra BelqsiriKenitra Airport
Al HaimriyineKenitra Airport
TissaneKenitra Airport
Oulad Ben DaoudKenitra Airport
Zemmour TouirzaKenitra Airport
El HafariKenitra Airport
HababdaKenitra Airport
Oulad SaidKenitra Airport
SamoraKenitra Airport
DoukkalaKenitra Airport
Al BrahmaKenitra Airport
Oulad RahhouKenitra Airport
HialfaKenitra Airport
Al GhrariyineKenitra Airport
LataounaKenitra Airport
Douar el HafariKenitra Airport
AbabdaKenitra Airport
AhmiriKenitra Airport
Aicha RahoBassatine Airport
Ain ArsaSaïss Airport
Ain BeidaBassatine Airport
Ain BerriaBassatine Airport
Ain Bou AissaSaïss Airport
Ain DefaliBassatine Airport
Ain DorijSaïss Airport
Ain el KelbBassatine Airport
Ain el KsobSaniat Rmel Airport
Ain es SoukSaïss Airport
'Ain Moussa Bou GuedarBassatine Airport
Ain MzidBassatine Airport
Ain OuardBassatine Airport
Ain RehaBassatine Airport
Ait JouanaBassatine Airport
Ait LahseneBassatine Airport
AjellidineSaïss Airport
Al BcharaBassatine Airport
Al GrafdaBassatine Airport
Al HamoumSaïss Airport
AllagKenitra Airport
Al MellahKenitra Airport
Al OuradirhaBassatine Airport
Al Qel'aKenitra Airport
Anabsa el HadajKenitra Airport
Aomar Ben ChihebBassatine Airport
CityNearest Airport
AouifatBassatine Airport
ArbaouaKenitra Airport
Arbaoua Akbat el BegorKenitra Airport
ArhbalouSaïss Airport
ArhtitesSaniat Rmel Airport
AtatouaBassatine Airport
Azib KhenachchaKenitra Airport
Azib Mohammed al MokraBassatine Airport
Azib RemikiKenitra Airport
AzzabaSaïss Airport
BaabchaKenitra Airport
Bab el HamraBassatine Airport
BainouSaïss Airport
BastiounSaniat Rmel Airport
Bdaoua RbayahKenitra Airport
BekkalaSaïss Airport
BelrhatiineKenitra Airport
Beni AzzizKenitra Airport
Beni HasseneKenitra Airport
Beni HelmaSaniat Rmel Airport
Beni KhelladSaniat Rmel Airport
Beni MalekSaniat Rmel Airport
Beni NaizBassatine Airport
Beni SennanaBassatine Airport
Beni ZidBassatine Airport
Beni Zid AoufBassatine Airport
Ben KheddatKenitra Airport
Ben SenanaBassatine Airport
Ben TaharKenitra Airport
Ben Zitat el KalklaKenitra Airport
BerraguineSaniat Rmel Airport
Bib el RihKenitra Airport
Bir BrahimSaïss Airport
Bir Kadour SerakBassatine Airport
BouhajarKenitra Airport
Bou KchouchBassatine Airport
BoukheichSaïss Airport
BoukiaBassatine Airport
BoumahidiKenitra Airport
BoumehidiKenitra Airport
BourkizBassatine Airport
Bou SrourSaniat Rmel Airport
Bghailia el MehachebaKenitra Airport
BsabisBassatine Airport
ChaabSaniat Rmel Airport
Ch'abKenitra Airport
ChaibSaïss Airport
Chaouia el BirBassatine Airport
Chaouia RmelBassatine Airport
CharhardaKenitra Airport