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Quick Reference:
Bellow is the list of some of the major cities with their nearest airport in Morocco for your quick reference. Click the city link to display nearest 10 airports around the city with distances on map.
CityNearest Airport
RabatRabat-Salé Airport
KhemissetBassatine Airport
TifletRabat-Salé Airport
SkhiratRabat-Salé Airport
Kasba ZitchounBassatine Airport
Larb'a as SehoulRabat-Salé Airport
NkheilaRabat-Salé Airport
OceanRabat-Salé Airport
OudaiaRabat-Salé Airport
Oued Beth BatailleBassatine Airport
Oulad YakoubRabat-Salé Airport
Ouljet es SoltaneBassatine Airport
OulmesBassatine Airport
Kasba MerchouchRabat-Salé Airport
HajjaRabat-Salé Airport
Had el BrachouaRabat-Salé Airport
El hadRabat-Salé Airport
El HarchaBassatine Airport
El HarhouraRabat-Salé Airport
El KanseraBassatine Airport
El Khemis des Ait OuahiRabat-Salé Airport
El MessalaBassatine Airport
El OuljaBassatine Airport
EzzhiligaRabat-Salé Airport
Friday MarketRabat-Salé Airport
Oum el BergougBassatine Airport
SaleRabat-Salé Airport
Sebt des Ait IkkouBassatine Airport
Souk el Arbaa de l'Oued BehtBassatine Airport
Souk el TletaRabat-Salé Airport
TaqaddoumRabat-Salé Airport
TarmiletBassatine Airport
Tazemourt n'AllalBassatine Airport
TeddersRabat-Salé Airport
TemaraRabat-Salé Airport
Zaouia Dial AkourBassatine Airport
ZardalRabat-Salé Airport
Sidi Yahia az Za'erRabat-Salé Airport
Sidi Moulay CherifRabat-Salé Airport
Sidi AbbouBassatine Airport
Sidi AllalBassatine Airport
Sidi Allal el BahraouiRabat-Salé Airport
Sidi Allal el BahraouiRabat-Salé Airport
Sidi Bou KnadelBassatine Airport
Sidi BouqnadelRabat-Salé Airport
Sidi LahseneBassatine Airport
Sidi MahmoudRabat-Salé Airport
Sidi Mohammed ben AhmedBassatine Airport
CityNearest Airport
ZlarouaBassatine Airport
DoumRabat-Salé Airport
Ain Bou AibaRabat-Salé Airport
Ait HalliBassatine Airport
Ait TifaoutBassatine Airport
Al M'azizRabat-Salé Airport
Ar RommaniRabat-Salé Airport
Es SouissiRabat-Salé Airport
Bel AroussiRabat-Salé Airport
Beni BrourRabat-Salé Airport
Bir el KelbMohammed V International Airport
Dar Caid AhemdRabat-Salé Airport
Ait FazazBassatine Airport
Ain GuernouchRabat-Salé Airport
KouasRabat-Salé Airport
AkrachRabat-Salé Airport
Oulad MbarkRabat-Salé Airport
Oulad KerroumRabat-Salé Airport
Souk el HadRabat-Salé Airport
Ain ZohraKenitra Airport
Kasba SkhiratRabat-Salé Airport
AgdalRabat-Salé Airport
Ain el AoudaRabat-Salé Airport
Dar Caid bou ArmorRabat-Salé Airport
Dar Caid Bou DrissRabat-Salé Airport
Dar Caid IbrahimRabat-Salé Airport
Douar Ben NasserBassatine Airport
Douar DoukkalaRabat-Salé Airport
Douar el ArbiRabat-Salé Airport
Douar el BrahmaRabat-Salé Airport
Douar HammadiRabat-Salé Airport
Douar Hammadou SaidRabat-Salé Airport
Douar Mohammed Ould HasseneRabat-Salé Airport
Douar Oulad JaberRabat-Salé Airport
Douar Ouled el AyachiRabat-Salé Airport
Douar Allal Ben el ArbiRabat-Salé Airport
Douar Ait YakoubRabat-Salé Airport
Dar Cheikh Abd es SlamBassatine Airport
Dar es SalamRabat-Salé Airport
Dar Idriss Ben AllalBassatine Airport
DbaghRabat-Salé Airport
Douar Ait AissaRabat-Salé Airport
Douar Ait Ali MoussaRabat-Salé Airport
Douar Ait Lahsene Ou IchouRabat-Salé Airport
Douar Ait MalekRabat-Salé Airport
Douar Ait MoussaRabat-Salé Airport
Douar Sidi MohammedRabat-Salé Airport